Farewell Perth and Hello Melbourne…

Published August 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, I have finally left Perth on Sunday arvo and moved to Melbourne. My family gang along with my best buddy decided to see us off at the airport. After a whole week of packing & cleaning madness, we’re finally off to Melbourne. Mum gave me a red packet, my younger sis wrote me a letter and gave me a red packet and my mum’s good friend gave me some $$ for a gift. Which is great, now that I’m officially a bum and these $$ will come in handy to feed my food & shopping habits 🙂

I was feeling rather sad at the airport, both Pandabear and I gave big hugs to our family and then my older sister started crying and it started setting off the crying trend, my mum got teary, my younger sister got teary and then I got teary. Even though I’m only going to Melbourne for 6 months – it seemed like ages and I’ve never been apart from my family for this long 😦 We waved our good byes and made our way through to the Qantas lounge, Pandabear went and grabbed some nibblies and that made me felt a little better. Food always makes me feel better and happier 🙂

Upon boarding our planes, it was meal time. I’m a strange person when it comes to airplane food, not many people like airplane food. But I love them!!! So for our afternoon tea they had braised chicken with cous cous and Marsala curry which is quite spicy. I went for the curry and Pandabear went for the braised chicken. My Marsala curry tasted quite good, Pandabear is not a cous cous guy so he left his cous cous behind. I took the opportunity and said “Can I have the rest of your cous cous?” So I proceed to move his tin container over to mine and one of the stewardess walked pass and asked “Sir, I see you didn’t get your meal in your tray would you like to have one now?” Pandabear replied “Oh no, my meal is at my wife’s tray she’s finishing it off”. Wow, we would have easily scored another free meal, nice friendly service and yes, I hate wasting food – I’m one of those people who likes to clear everything off my plate and other peoples plate 🙂

Well, when we arrived at Melbourne it was freezing cold and since I was still down with the cold I spend most of my time lying in my comfy bed in our hotel and if need be we will go out and eat braving the freezing wind…


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