Garage Sale

Published July 26, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, about a few weeks ago I decided to declutter all my clothes and soft toys and sell them at a garage sale. I’ve seen a few signs before on streets and always wonder whether the turn out of them are good? Curiosity got the better of me, so I thought what have I got to lose? So on a saturday afternoon, I decided to have a garage sale at my mum’s place and have invited my sisters to donate anything that they want to sale. It was kind of excited but kinda daunting I was thinking whether this will actually attract some random people. But I had my brother in law joining me so I felt a little safer.

Anyways, around 2pm we started sorting our clothes, belts, soft toys, baby clothes and other things into piles. I put an advertisement on Quokka and one supposely as an event on Facebook (which my friends came they didn’t see one otherwise they would have come and checked it out) Anyways, it was fun sorting it out into piles and hand write my signs. We waited patiently for the next 15-20 minutes, and noone came. So we thought let’s just sit inside our house and I would occasionally ask my nieces to run to the window to see whether there are any customers out there. She would run back and said “No One!!” Here are some of the pictures of our piles of goodies:

Our hand written price sign

Our hand written price sign

Our nieces got bored waiting inside the house so we decided to check out our garage sale outside and they ended up playing with some of our soft toys and trying out some clothes. They had lots of fun looking through our items, so at least some one was entertained. Still, nobody came – it was kinda disappointing, I was expecting large crowds, but even if one person rocked up it would have been acceptable. Anyways, Pandabear rang me and asked “how’s the garage sale going” I replied “wow there are so many customers out here!!” He went “Oh really??” and then I replied ” Nah! Just kidding, there’s noone!”

my niece checking out some of the goodies

my niece checking out some of the goodies

Anyways, we decided by about 4pm we are going to pack the stuff up and donate them to the big bins for people to use. At least the goodies were put to some good use, maybe I would have done better by selling them in a swap meet instead of a garage sale cos most garage sale usually have household furnitures and appliances. But it was a great experience, now we know what garage sale is all about and I get to spend some time with my nieces as well so that’s a bonus, and it feels good donating large bags to the big bins and knowing that someone out there will be using them 🙂


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