Hotel Review – Delta Whistler Village Suites

Published July 1, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, on our way to Whistler our snow bus took us to the whistler village and Pandabear has booked us into Delta Whistler Village Suites. We had to cart our luggages around and was struggling to locate the hotel. It was tucked away behind some pine trees and then when we spotted the signs we couldn’t find the entrance door. Which prove to be quite difficult carting around 2 heavy lugguages 😦 Eventually, Pandabear went and ask people around to locate the main reception.

The main reception area was nice, warm and inviting. We were greeted with some Aussie who were really friendly and gave us a map around Whistler village and recommended us some restaurants as well. The bell boy helped us with our luggages and because he was so friendly and helpful we gave him a tip 🙂 Our bedroom has a really nice bed and it even has a small sink & microwave

It was lovely, outside our window there were amazing views..

Overall, we are quite happy with our stay. The place was nice and clean and the staff was pretty friendly. would


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