Snow Mobile Lessons (Whistler)

Published June 28, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, apart from spending some time with skiing lessons Pandabear has also signed us up with some snow mobile lessons. They had some dog sleighing as well, but as most of you know me that I’m strongly against any form of ‘using animals to carry humans’ cos I think it’s kind of a little on the cruelty to animals bit. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but I’m a full on animal person – the thought of getting these furry creatures to carry human beings are either on a carriage or bob sleigh just doesn’t sit right with me. So the other option is going on a snow mobile. I’ve never been on one before and when the bus came to took us to the snow mobile area we were greeted by our snow mobile guide. Who gave us some instructions on how to use these snow mobile.

Honestly, it was freezing cold that day – with a bit of a rain and when I saw the huge snow mobile – I was thinking to myself how am I going to ride on this huge machine on a cold and wet rainy weather. Anyways, I hopped on and stared at other professionals turning their engine on and away they go. Fortunately, our guide were a really nice guy he’s also from Aussie land. Lay back, and said he’ll go first and I can follow after him and Pandabear would follow after me just incase I get lose. So I’m kinda wedged in the middle heheheh

It turned out that it wasn’t too hard to steer this monster, the road was slippery but because the snow mobile was heavy it was quite stable on the snow grounds and you have the option of breaks and accelerate. First, I tried a little of acceleration to get the juice of it and then I started on full acceleration and made sure that I followed behind my guide. He was an experienced guide, he would turn around to make sure I was still behind him. All along, it was rather fun – and when it hit about lunch time – I was starving and the guide seemed to pick this up so he took us to this little tent place.

The tent place

The tent place

My face was totally frozen from the rain and spits of snow right into my face while I was riding. I was so glad to enter into this nice warmish tent and we met another Aussie who was heating up some minestrone soup.

Minestrone soup with bread

Minestrone soup with bread

I was so hungry that I scoffed down the minestrone soup and some bread. It was really tasty, not hot enough but it didn’t matter cos I was cold and hungry and anything would have tasted fantastic!! So we end up chatting to each other and it was time for a bathroom visit. So the guy showed me where the bathroom was, it was outside and it looked rather unusual as if when I walk into it, it’s going to collapse on me. A little on the flimsy looking. When I walked inside it was dark, no lights just natural light from the ceiling then there was a big hole and toilet seat but there’s no flush – it’s literally a big hole through the toilet seats. Very bizzare, I hurried quickly thinking to myself I hope I don’t fall through this gigantic hole.

The bizzare toilet

The bizzare toilet

After this, we were ready to go on again on our snow mobile. Our guide took us to many beautiful places with awesome sceneries that were just breath taking. Here’s some of the beautiful nature sceneries.

Now, there were some scary incidence that happened – our tour guide stopped at this place and explained to both myself & pandabear that we are now going to go down this really steep hill and make sure we occassionally break otherwise we might find ourselves struggling to stay on the snow ground. Now to make it worse, there were no fencing along the snow grounds, you could literally see the cliff side – and cos I’m afraid of heights, it made me really really scared. Our guide assured us that it’s going to be ok, provided we pulse on our breaks. So he went first followed by me, it was sure a roller coaster ride – I was going so quick and I kept pulsing on my break and thank goodness we survived it was an awesome but scary experience. Now, this was not the worse part, along the end of the causeway for some reason I ended up tail gating my guide and it was too late I was so closed to him that I ended up smashing myself to his snow mobile which caused him to sly down this small hill and all this time I was hitting on the turn off engine button as suppose to break!!!

Anyways, he was ok with it and I apologised profusely but it was all good we were covered under insurance. It was a once in a life time experience but I don’t think I’ll ever ride a snow mobile again – it’s just too dangerous. 🙂 I’m just glad I’ve done it now and that neither Pandabear nor I got hurt.


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