Whistler Village

Published June 25, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, when we arrived in Canada we checked into this average hotel and the next morning we had to catch a bus that would take us to Whistler. It was freezing, thank goodness the snow bus was nice, warm and comfy so that made the trip pretty pleasant and I spend most of my time sleeping on the snow bus. When we finally arrived at the Whistler area, checked into our hotel and decided to go for a walk around the block. Everyone you come across are from Australia – so you feel like you’re at home. They all said they were planning to stay for the winter season and some how ends up staying for like 3 years. All Aussies love Whistler because of it’s skiing.

Snow Bus

Snow Bus

We arrived at Canada just after the winter Olympics so you still see winter Olympics soft toys for sale.

Winter Olympics Soft Toys

Winter Olympics Soft Toys

Found a huge teddy bear sitting alone by himself so I went and gave the bear a big bear hug 🙂

Big Teddy Bear

Big Teddy Bear

As it was really cold, we’ve decided to warm ourselves up at Star Bucks and their hot chocolate are delicious plus you get free wifi internet access at Star Bucks which is a bonus 🙂

Star Bucks hot chocolate

Star Bucks hot chocolate

As the place gets darker, the place was looking more beautiful with the lights on the pine trees it really felt like you were spending a white Christmas there. Here’s some of the lovely night scenes…

Then we came across this awesome candy/chocolate place, now both Pandabear and myself ain’t really into sweets stuff but we had a good look and their sweets variety looks very tempting.

Found this shop that’s really cute called – Knicknacks Skitch Paddywacks – hahaha my type of shop but we didn’t end up buying anything as most of my shopping are done in States already so I’ve spent nearly all my shopping money already.


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