Skiing Lessons

Published June 25, 2010 by Mary Jane

Anyways, it was time for our beginners skiing lessons – we need to meet up at the shop to try out our equipment. when we entered into the store we came across this huge bear. There’s something about Whistler – they seemed to have huge teddy bears everywhere. This bear is not really the cute type of teddy bears you see it’s more like a wild bear…

Then you’ll see lots of ski boots and snow boards hanging against the wall.

There was a nice Aussie lady who came and asked us to fill in some forms which included our approx heights and weights so she could do the calculation and grab us a suitable ski boot, ski poles and ski slides.

The ski boots were really tight, but apparently you need them to be really tight other wise you’ll slip and get blisters. I would recommend everyone to wear extra long thick socks for cushioning 🙂

Time to meet at the kiosk and await for our ski instructor…

Our ski Instructor

Our ski Instructor

Our ski instructor – James were from the UK and he has been around Whistler for a while, we were really happy to have him as our ski instructor as he was really patient with us and a brilliant instructor 🙂 He took us around showing some basic accelerating and brake moves and then when we start to get the hang of it he too k us along the belt which took us to the top of the slope. In total I fell 4 times but thank goodness didn’t manage to hurt myself at all 🙂

It was great fun, but I must warn you the boots gets tighter and tighter and it was starting to hurt so much that I had to take them off. We spent the whole day skiing and in between we had lunch and by afternoon I decided I had enough of skiing and wanted to build some snow man…

Our scary looking snow man

Our scary looking snow man

I’ve always wanted to make some snow angels. Let me just tell you that the snow are freezing but it was fun and really worth the cold.

Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Let me just tell you the next day, both Pandabear and myself were in pain – especially our legs were like jelly and our arms were really sore – we needed a full day to recover from our skiing lessons. But it was great fun and we would definitely ski again 🙂


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