Ski lesson food

Published June 25, 2010 by Mary Jane

When it came to lunch time, we were starving and couldn’t wait to grab some hot food cos it was so cold outside. So our ski instructor took us to this food court which had a variety of hot meals. I came across this burger joint and decided to try out their grill burgers. Pandabear went for the healthier option grilled salmon burger and I went for the unhealthy option – beef & cheese patty. I was feeling pretty hungry after all the skiing in the morning so I rewarded myself with some fries as well 🙂 Our ski instructor had a mix of pasta & burger and he couldn’t finish his serve.

Salmon burger

Salmon burger

Beef burger with fries

Beef burger with fries

I scoffed down our meal, it was actually pretty tasty or maybe I was just so hungry. After the meal I felt much better ready to ski down the slope for the afternoon lesson. I missed out on trying this Beavertails pastry which is meant to be quite popular in Whistler. Oh well, maybe next time…


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