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Published June 25, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends…I’m sick again šŸ˜¦ boo hoo after having taken 2 days off from work and sleeping most of the time at home. I felt like all my energy has been drained out from this nasty cold. I went and saw the GP and asked him why do I always catch the cold!!’s so frustrating and he said to me “do you have a stressful job or do you stress alot??” I’m like no! I don’t have a stressful job but I’m always on the go and I’m a fast paced person. He explains sometimes cos we’re on the go go go all the time, our body sometimes don’t recuperate and are under the pump and stress. He referred to me some natural health foods, which I will try and see whether it improves my immune system.

If anyone out there has a great remedy for improving immune system – please let me know šŸ™‚


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