The Bread Factory Cafe – New York

Published June 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, it’s been great having brekkie in New York – cos everything is so cheap. So Pandabear and I decided every morning we’ll go out for brekkie apart from days where we sleep in then it will be a brunch 🙂 So we were walking around trying to spot a nice brekkie place and came across this Bread Factory Cafe – it was quite packed and let lots of crusty yummy bread near the window, so we decided to check this place out.

The place is structured so that one section sells drinks such as coffee/hot chocolate and one section which does hot meal and then you have the middle section which looks after cakes/pastries/muffins. For the hot items you need to queue up orderly in a queue and while you’re queuing up you get to see these display dishes infront of you which helps you in deciding what you want.

Here are the display dishes:

the display items looks great – I thought they were fake displays until I looked at them closer and realised they were proper dishes. I was drooling while I was queuing up. However, I’m a savory person so I decided to go with the works – Sausages, 2 x sunny side eggs, hash browns and two pieces of wholemeal toast. When I received my brekkie I was like this is a huge serving. Now with the hash browns it’s not like the usual ones which you get in Australia where it’s golden brown and in oval shaped, the US hashbrowns are just seasoned mashed potatoes pan fried. Oh and our brekkie came with a cup of tea.

My breakfast works

My breakfast works

And pandabear had similar to my except he had an omellete instead of sunny sided eggs and Bacon instead of sausages.

Bacon & eggs breakfast works

Bacon & eggs breakfast works

Our brekkie arrived pretty quickly and they were pretty cheap around $10 per dish. Really worth it, the service was pretty good as well. So here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 4 star
Food experience: 4 star
Would I recommend? YES


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