Restaurant Review – Cho Dang Gol (New York)

Published June 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Okies, we were in a mood for Korean food in New York so we decided one of the night to meet up with our friend who have flew in from Canada to join us for dinner. We were really blessed that near our hotels there were like 3 Korean restaurants to choose from. So we came across this Korean restaurant which seemed quite busy and the menu looks quite nice.

Both me and the friend both love spicy food – so we decided we must order some kim chi related dishes and have some bulgogi for Pandabear as he only eats mild food. So we ordered some kim chi flavoured pancakes, kim chi hot pot rice, beef bimbimbap, and bulgogi. Well, when the dishes arrives – you start getting little condiments – which are great, some of them I’ve never tasted before. It was delicious!

beef bimbimbap hot pot

beef bimbimbap hot pot

The beef bimbimbap was delicious, basically it’s quite healthy – lots of vegies, beef and an egg and you get to mix it together with their lovely korean sauce – it’s perfect however it’s too mild for me.

Kim chi hot pot rice

Kim chi hot pot rice

The kim chi hot pot rice was delicious – it’s my type of hot pot, it’s spicy and flavoursome 🙂 then the bulgogi came. We were thinking to ourselves, we’ve probably over ordered but that’s ok. There’s two boys and me (big eater) we ended up dividing the rest of the food up and gobble it down. The bulgogi was just bulgogi nothing special…



We had korean waitress/waiter serving us – they were ok not overly friendly but not grumpy either. It was just average service. Food waiting time was pretty good and the price was pretty reasonable 🙂

Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 4 star
Food experience: 4 star
Would I recommend it? Yes


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