Food stall stands in New York

Published June 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, in New York you will see lots of those food stall stands at every corner of streets. Either selling hot dogs, wraps, break fast or pretzels. They also sell drinks as well. So every time we feel hungry and want a little snack we would go to the food stall stands. They have lots of varieties to choose from. My favourite is the chicken on pita. I love them!! On our way to the basketball game I was feeling hungry but I didn’t want to spoil my dinner I just wanted some light snacks. So Pandabear convinced me to try out this pita bread thing from the food stall stands, he has tried one out earlier and are addicted to them. So I was excited to try one out and they are gorgeous!

Food stall stand

Food stall stand

Delicious Chicken wraps

Delicious Chicken wraps

So when I got my little chicken on pita for like $3 it was a bargain – lot of grilled chicken pieces, lettuce and heaps of mayo and it tasted fantastic. The pita bread was fresh and warm – very tasty.

And some days when I feel like some hot dog I would go to the food stall stands and buy a hot dog – a single dog cost around $1 and if you want extras like onions and extra sausages you’ll have to pay extra. But they are a quick tasty snack when you’re trying to satisfy your hunger and not spoil your dinner or lunch.

Delicious hot dog

Delicious hot dog

So yeah, I would definitely recommend the food stall stands in New York – I’ve never had any tummy aches from the food there and it’s cheap and delicious! So long food stall stands…


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