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Published June 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, how was everyone’s weekends? I had an eventful weekend. Well, on Saturday we had a garage sale and guess what? Nobody turned up 😦 but the upside thing was that we had great fun in sorting out our junk and laying them near our garage area and sat at our house while we watched my two nieces each taking turns at checking out whether there were people looking at our stuff. I was a little disappointed cos I was expecting at least 2-3 buyers. But I was told by my mate Mr J that the event that I advertised on Facebook didn’t show up and as for my advertisement on Quokka – well, not everyone look at Quokka and plus garage sale usually consists of some sort of furnitures and NOT clothes. I said to myself it must be a financial crisis time, I couldn’t believe nobody came to buy my goodies – anyways, in the end I bagged them all up and donated them to the big bins – Breast Cancer Foundation so at least it was put to a good cause.

Sunday, I woke up with a really sore back – thanks to my younger sister who thinks shes still a 10 year old and decided to jump on me demanding a piggy back. She’s way taller than me and she’s 23 this year!! Grrr…so anyways, I was in an ambitious mode and decided Sunday after Church I will do a major clean up of our church library. There were so much junk and with all the lifting and carrying – I think I might have aggravated my back even more, poor Pandabear he’s always had a crappy back, so he was helping me doing the clean up and last night he was whining about his back . Nevermind, the end results were fantastic our church library is now so neat and spacious, I have little corner to finish off but otherwise it looks great! Thank God :-). Mission accomplished = A happy Maryann!!!


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