Restaurant Review – Lobsterfest (New York)

Published June 16, 2010 by Mary Jane

Okies, we’ve always walked past this joint with a huge lobster sign hanging from it’s restaurant. I said to Pandabear one of these days we must try out this joint. So at lunch time, we decided to check this place out. You have a choice of either sitting upstairs at the restaurant area or you can sit near the bar and order some drinks. We went for the restaurant upstairs. the waitress was pretty friendly, sat us down and ask for our drink order. Pandabear and I came across this Pineapple smoothie and we’re both like mmm..sounds like so that’s what we ordered…

Pineapple smoothie

Pineapple smoothie

I really didn’t feel too hungry at the time so I said to Pandabear the serving size on the menu sounds large so I’ll just grab a lobster pizza and share the ultimate Lobster meal with him. The waitress then brought some nice savoury scones for us as entrees – that’s very nice of was complimentary.

savoury scones

savoury scones

I was starting to feel a little full from eating the scones – it was pretty tasty – I couldn’t figure out what was the ingredients in the scone but it was buttery and tasty. So afterwards, my lobster pizza came – thank goodness it was thin crust…

Lobster pizza

Lobster pizza

It was really nice…the little pieces of lobster were juicy and the herbs they put was yummy it was also well balanced with some cheese. So it was great 🙂 When Pandabear received his ultimate lobster meal – it was huge!! It had large pieces of lobsters – grilled and panfried and a prawn & lobster creamy sauce fettucine. I had to share some with him there was no way he could have finished all that…

The Ultimate Lobster meal

The Ultimate Lobster meal

Oh and before I forget the crab pancake came too..we totally forgot that we’ve ordered that as well. Thinking to ourselves there’s no way we could finish all of these food..

crab pancake

crab pancake

To be honest, Pandabear’s ultimate lobster meal was a bit disappointing cos the lobster were a little on the dry side – I think they’ve over cooked it. The fettuccine was dry too, it was creamy enough we would have prefer more sauce. So overall, his meal was a little on the disappointing side. However, my lobster pizza and crab meat pancake was great 🙂

We had a tiny squeeze of the dessert and it looks quite tasty – except we couldn’t fit any more food in our tummy otherwise it will explode!! So here’s some pictures of their dessert menu:

Well, overall the food waiting time was pretty quick and the waitress was pretty friendly and nice. Food was ok, nothing spectacular. Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 4 star
Food experience: 3.5 star
Would I recommend? Yes, even though Pandabear’s meal was disappointing their other dishes were quite it’s worth checking out their other dishes.


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