Laundry in New York

Published June 16, 2010 by Mary Jane

Morning bloggy friends, we’ve had great difficulty in locating a laundromat place in New York that will wash & dry our clothes as our hotel didn’t have that facility. We even asked our concierge who recommended a few places but weren’t sure whether they were opened late at night. As we didn’t want to waste our day time doing our laundry. So we came across this Asian Laundry place known as Lucky Laundromat. So off we went carting bags and bags of our dirty clothes and walk a few blocks to this place hoping it was open. When we got there, it was around 9pm and it closes at 10pm however it had a sign that says no washing after 8pm. So I quickly asked the lady there and she said to me “dear, how much clothes you’re washing – I showed the bags to her. Ok, that’s fine just do it now you’ll make it in time for our 10pm closing”

Then I realised the machines takes only coins and I didn’t have any change so I was stressing went after the lady again and she pointed me to the change machine – felt a little touristy…

I only had a $10 note so I ended up a whole wallet full of change. That’s ok, I shall use it for my next load of washing. Then it was time to buy some laundry powder – have no idea which ones to choose from as there were a few different types of laundry powder, so I randomly selected one and it turned out to be a fabric softener that makes your clothes smells good. So just as I was thinking, a man came up and showed me which one to choose – it was very nice of him 🙂

We had to wait for our clothes to be washed and then the next step to put it in the dryer, I was seriously thinking there’s no way we’ll going to finish by 10pm. The lady must have saw me stressing she came over and said ‘Dear, take your time we’re not going to push you out if you haven’t finished drying your clothes yet’ That was very nice of her 🙂

bags and bags of clothes on top of the machine

bags and bags of clothes on top of the machine

After our washing we thanked the lady and proceed to cart our clothes back to the hotel…till next time…our clothes are so warm from the dryer and it smells really good with the fabric softener. 🙂


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