FAO Schwarz (New York)

Published June 16, 2010 by Mary Jane

Apart from collecting kitchen gadgets I’m also into soft toys. So when Pandabear told me that he had an appointment to see an Apple guy regarding some Mac product I told him it’s ok, I’ll be able to entertain myself along Fifth avenue for an hour or so and I’ll meet him back in an hours time. The FAO Schwarz store is conveniently located next to the apple store. I didn’t even plan to visit this place, it was by pure chance while I was walking along the street I saw this store with bright red decorations and I thought to myself I’ve got to check this place out – something attracted me to it.

When you walk in the first thing you see are rows and rows of large soft toys – I was so excited, I couldn’t contain myself, I started checking each soft toys one by one – patting them like a big child. Fortunately, I didn’t receive any weird stares..phew…

I even come across large spotty – I have 2 spotty dog – one mini one and one medium size ones, but the ones I was eying out for was huge – now I had to think logically whether it was possible for me to fit the large spotty dog inside my luggage without Pandabear screaming at me hehehehe

so I had to think this through closely, how I’m going to maximise my buying with different soft toys and yet be able to fit them into the luggage without much whining from Pandabear. Then, I realised I could buy really soft designed soft toys so you can squash them and once you release them they’re be back in their original shape. So off I went, started squashing every soft toy looking bears to ensure they return back to their original state and how much I could squeeze them to minimise them taking much space. So I scored 2 teddy bears and a soft toy dog 🙂 I was stoked. After some time of looking around, time went really quick it was an hour already and it was time for me to meet Pandabear. In the end, Pandabear insisted on visiting this shop again so that he could see the giant piano. And that was exactly what we did…

the big piano

the big piano

Now we both wanted to have a go, but we could see in the queue were all these tiny kids queuing up with their parents. I’m sure we’ll receive weird stares from their parents if we queued up to try out the giant piano. Still it was tempting.

There were also Hello kitty section, when I was a kid I used to love Hello Kitty stuff – but now I’m not so into hello kitty anymore – still it was fascinating to look at all these hello kitty related items..

Then I caught a glimpse of this guy carrying this huge brown teddy bear and I wanted to follow that man and check out this huge teddy bear but he was kinda rushing and running so I couldn’t keep up with him and gave up 😦

Then there were smurfs – I love smurfs I used to watch it every time it’s on when I was young.

Then there was lego world…lots of lego statues – there’s batman and other figures, but I kinda lost interest as I’m not really a lego person…I couldn’t believe the lego made batman costs $27,000 to buy?? Who would actually buy a lego made batman for $27,000???

Lego made Batman

Lego made Batman

Then there were a barbie section, where there’s a cat walk for all different styles of barbies. My nieces would have loved it..she’s into barbies. I’m not really a barbie person…

Seriously, there’s lots to see in this store and if you’re into candys and lollies be sure to check their candy & lollies place. fortunately, both Pandabear and myself are not too into lollies and candies so we didn’t end up buying anything.

I would highly recommend this place to people who are into soft toys or even are just remotely interested in colourful & exciting things. It caters for all ages 🙂


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