Restaurant Review – Kang Suh Korean BBQ (New York)

Published June 15, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, Pandabear and I decided to have Korean food one of the nights and apparently we were told there’s a Korean street where the whole streets were full of Korean restaurants. Since it was close to where we were staying we decided to take a walk down the Korean street and roam around in search of a nice Korean BBQ place. It was so hard to decide which restaurant to go, they all look so good. Then we saw this Kang Suh Korean BBQ and read it’s menu and figured let’s give it a go.

It was a week night so I didn’t expect the place to be packed given there were so many restaurant along the street. However, there were a few tables and we went for the Korean Seafood & beef BBQ mix. The waiter was pretty friendly he took our drinks order and our food order. I located some sushi on the menu so I was like yay! I love sushis so I ordered a plate of 6 sushis. The waiters started bringing out little tiny entrees – Koreans love little condiments. They have kimchi, tofu, broccoli, pickled radish, kimchi chives, potato salad. I was starting to get a little full from eating all these assorted condiments. Then the sushi came followed by a plate of prawns, waygu beef, lettuce and some sauces.

Assorted Condiments

Assorted Condiments

lettuce wrap

lettuce wrap

Waygu beef pieces

Waygu beef pieces

Plates of prawns

Plates of prawns

I was really excited cos I haven’t had Korean BBQ for a long long time, and couldn’t remember how you eat them. Just when I was figuring out when to put the meats on the hot grill a lady with an apron came and started grilling our food. That was nice, I didn’t have to do anything – then she disappeared and a few minutes came back and turned the beef pieces and prawns and served it onto our plates. Wow, I didn’t have to do anything. Now it will help if she explained to us how we eat it, maybe cos she thought we were koreans and didn’t require any explanation. So I started wrapping my beef into this large leaf of lettuce along with some sauces and curl it up and pop it into my mouth. Pandabear asked is this how you eat it? Yeah, should be I’ve seen the Koreans eat them on TV series show. It was delicious, the sauce makes the beef taste flavoursome and you feel quite healthy eating the large leafy lettuce.

So we were pretty happy with our Korean BBQ and little condiments and were tummy satisfied. Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 4 star
Food experience: 4 star
Would I recommend? Yes


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