Restaurant Review – Brasserie Ruhlmann

Published June 15, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hiya Bloggy friends, well – I’m currently in the mindset of New York. So my goal is to finish writing up posts for food in New York. This particular restaurant was recommended by a friend of ours, and as it’s in Rockefeller directly opposite to the ice rink it’s quite popular – they have indoor tables and outdoor tables. When we arrived at the place you had to wait to be seated there was a waitress at a stand and she was quite friendly. We waited for a little while before we were usher off to an outside table. It was quite packed, and you see all these waiters walking around quite busy.

Now, we were handed down some menus and then the waiters rushed off – we waited for a while and nobody came to take our food orders. Was getting rather annoyed thinking they are not serving us cos the waiter went straight to a group of table that came after us. When we grabbed the attention of another waiter he said he’s not allowed to take food orders and that he’ll get someone for us. We waited for another 10 minutes and finally a waiter came and took our order. Pandabear and I were contemplating which meal to order as there were lots of variety. The waiter wasn’t really helpful, he just went along with yeah that’s not too bad, oh yup the other dishes are quite good too. So Pandabear decided to go for some steam mussels & french fries. I warned him that if they didn’t cook the steam mussels probably it would have that strong mussel foul taste in your mouth and he didn’t want to go for the chilli mussels. I went for their renowned hamburgers with french fries.

Steam mussels with french fries

Steam mussels with french fries

hamburgers with french fries

hamburgers with french fries

When our meal came, the presentation was quite nice, I love how they arrange the fries on a cone shape container and the fries are all sitting straight up – they were tasty and crunchy. However, I tried Pandabear’s steamed mussels and yup it had the foul steamed mussel taste, the sauce was not strong enough to cover the mussel taste. So the mussel were pretty average we didn’t finish it. My hamburger was ok, the patty was dry and to be honest it was pretty average. I’ve had better burgers before. So overall, our meals were pretty average, the service was pretty average. When the waiters came back to collect our plates he asked how was the meal – I said it was pretty average. He didn’t care, just walked off.

Here’s my ratings:

Dining Experience: 3 star
Food Experience: 3 star
Would I recommend it: Not really

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