Madison Square Garden – New York

Published June 15, 2010 by Mary Jane

Madison Square Garden – The World’s Most Famous Arena in the heart of New York City. We were really excited when one of our friends came to New York to meet us. He managed to book a ticket around $100 to watch the New York Basketball game. I used to be a wildcats fan, but now that most of the older players have now retired. I don’t recognise any of the new members. So I’ll only go and watch a wildcats game when my physio gives me a free ticket – cos he’s the official physio of wildcats. so I was excited to watch the New York Basketball game, surely the NBA dudes are way better than our wildcats.

When we arrived at the Madison Square Garden, it was packed with people – large flashing neon lights billboards showing the game time and advertisements. It’s New York Knicks vs 76ers – I have no idea who they are all I know I’m going with New York Knicks and apparently they don’t play that well. Nevermind…

Just before the game, we had the national anthem and there were a school that performed instrumental music of the national anthem – that was kinda nice. They did a good job. Even though New York Knicks isn’t a great team the whole place was still packed with people…

Now we were sitting quite far back, fortunately they had a huge Plasma display at the centre of the court and you could see what was going on…

Up until 2nd quarters, Knicks were losing and we were starting to lose hope and thought it was time to grab some snacks. Pandabear bought us some Hagen dusk icecream, a hot dog that came with crispy cross shaped fries. The hot dog was kind of cold so it wasn’t really tasty but the crispy cross shaped fries were delicious, we wish we had more of it. Then Knicks started picking up and in the end they won the game. We were so stoked. The whole atmosphere were really amazing we had a cool DJ that played awesome music and there were cheers and in between prize winning stunts so it was well worth our $100. I would highly recommend everyone going.


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