Hotel Review – Hilton Garden Inn (New York)

Published June 15, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, we decided to stay at this hotel called Hilton Garden Inn in New York cos it was close by to all the shopping malls and around the city so we could easily get around to places with either taxis or subway. My goodness there’s yellow cabs everywhere, you will have no problems with catching one in the middle of no where. Anyways, when we arrived at the hotel early in the morning we were told our rooms will not be ready until 2pm. So we have the whole mornings to kill so we decided to head out to grab some breakfast. I like this hotel cos nearby theres a selection of drinks and you could help yourself to. I had my hot chocolate and it made me feel happier.

Since we had lots of time we decided to speak to the concierge to organise some activities. He was a really friendly chap that went through the list of things we could do in New York which includes the Statue of Liberty climb, Mary Poppins at the theatres, Maddison basketball games, Woodbury Outlets. He was really helpful and gave us a map that shows how we can catch the subway around New York City.

When we arrived at our room, the bed was big and nice and the bathroom was nice and tidy.

We were pretty happy with our stay and would recommend people staying at this hotel. It’s relatively cheap and convenient to get to places.


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