Statue of Liberty Gastronomical Food – New York

Published June 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Now, we all know that New York is a fantastic place to be – you see it on TV shows – there’s statue of liberty which is a landmark in New York and let’s face it there’s supersize everything and in particular FOOD. So Pandabear and I decided to catch a ferry and head towards Statue of Liberty. We were told there was an option of climbing more than 300+ steps just to get to the top of statue of liberty. So way before we were there, Pandabear and I started our climbing few flight of stairs for a month or so to keep us fit and ready for the 300+ steps.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

There were high security check prior to boarding the ferry, but why no healthy check? Cos to be honest if you weren’t fit enough I don’t think you’ll be able to climb 300+ worth of stairs. Anyways, they tagged both of us with a pink tag kinda reminds me when I receive hospital tags while I was staying in the hospital. We were led through a short orientation by this American guy with a sense of humor. We had to be orientated in groups of about 10. Both Pandabear and I ended up in a group full of young kids. We’re like that’s great I’m sure the kids won’t go to fast through the 300+ stairs.

The narrow stairs

The narrow stairs

Now we all started to climb those nasty stairs – seriously they’ve built the stairs so narrow and steep that I don’t think people that are slightly obese won’t be able to fit into them. We got through few flights of stairs fine, however we soon realised the kids were tail gating us – I was even starting to think that they were thinking ‘hurry up, you guys are blocking us’ so when we finally reached 10th flights of stairs I said to the kids you guys can go ahead of us, because we’ll be taking our time and at that stage I was huffing and puffing already. I know all that flight of stairs preparation in Perth didn’t really help. My face was going hot and bright red and I was starting to sweat like a pig,

We finally made it to the top and the kids have beat us to it – they looked rather relaxed and me, well I was huffing and puffing trying to control my loud burst of breathing. There stood a guide there explaining to us that you can see the statue of liberty’s hair line and it was amazing we could star through the windows and see the whole view of New York. It was well worth the pain and exercise of climbing to the top but we made it 🙂

Now it came lunch time, since we both believe we’ve worked so hard in conquering the climb of statue of liberty – we were allowed some gastronomical food – yup that’s right fast food. We arrived at this cafe and it was so packed with queues of people. We stared at the menu and there were so many varieties to choose from…

What caught my attention was all these cooks deep frying fries, drum sticks and fish and chips. The whole place smelt so greasy and oily but oh so tasty too. So I decided to order some chilli cheese fries – I love chillies and cheese and ofcourse fries, these 3 combination sounds fantastic. Now Pandabear went for a healthier option – so he thought it was loaded organic fries. We both decided we also need to order a hot dog along with it. Now when we receive both of our order we were both so shocked our fries serving size was huge, should have stick to 1 order – never mind…mine was covered with hot chilli sauce and a dob of sour cream and my hot dog was huge too. When Pandabear received his loaded organic fries – he was shocked too, it also had the hot chilli sauce, heaps of deep fried bacons, onions and a dob of sour cream. He was complaining and said he wouldn’t be able to eat the fries with the hot chilli sauce. I reassured him the chilli sauce aint that spicy.

Chilli cheese fries with hot dog

Chilli cheese fries with hot dog

Organic Loaded Fries

Organic Loaded Fries

Now I’m a big eater and I usually finish my plate of food. But really the serving size for the chilli cheese fries were so rich and huge and I only end up eating 1/2 of it, I even considered taking some home but Pandabear talked me out of it. We stare at other people and they all finished their meal, now we know why there’s obesity in America – the serving size is definitely a supersize!!! The meal was tasty and rather cheap, we were very satisfied probably gained 2 kg and our arteries are more blocked with cholesterol oh well we don’t eat this type of food all the time…

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