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Published June 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy with so many things…and also lazy to do some post. However, tonight is the night I catch up on my posting. Well, what’s been happening lately. A friend of mine got married, we had Jodie from Ingham, QLD coming over to our church to do a Sunday School Training Workshop, and just in general work and work. The other day I was talking to one of my friend and we realised how time is flying, I can’t believe I have around 6 weeks till I finish work and 7 weeks till I move to Melbourne. People ask me how I’m feeling? Well, to be honest – I’m nervous and at the same time excited and a little sad that I’m leaving Perth. I know I’m a big baby…the thought of leaving my family & friends for whole of 6 months just wanna make me tear up 😦 I guess I’m not that strong after all.

Oh in saying this, recently we’ve been looking around for rental accommodation in Melbourne – and nearly got scammed by this person who claimed she’s in Italy and got a third party company to arrange for delivery of keys, lease agreements and etc. I knew deep down the rental price was too good to be true, but we thought if this lady was genuine it would have saved us lots of $$$. Nevermind, no harm was done except time wasted but what can you do. So please beware of online scammers – they are definitely out there waiting for innocent people to con them in. Grrr….I hope these scammers get caught soon and let justice reign.

I’ve been thinking lately, my food inspiration has kinda gone down the slope – even cooking dinner every night, I feel kinda can’t be bothered. Haven’t pin point why? All I can think of is probably lack of new food menu ideas. I’m hoping moving to Melbourne will pick up my passion again. But I’m still into Masterchef, still thinking whether I should still sign up maybe one day…

Well, I hope my bloggy friends are doing well…I don’t usually get any comments – but I know you’re out there reading my blog 🙂


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