Restaurant Review – Andrews Coffee shop (New York)

Published May 26, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well. What can I say?? Time is really going so quick the other way I was thinking well there’s still around 6 months till I move..but now I’ve got around 9 weeks till I move to Melbourne – argh!!!! I’m just trying to my contain myself and not get carried away. Thankfully, with juggling between Church activities and meeting up with friends & family have made me forget about my move. Not sure whether that’s a good sign or not. Anyways, this Saturday I’m meeting my girl friends for a baking session and I’m still wondering what we should bake???

Okies, so I’ve moved on from San Francisco to New York – a fantastic city which never sleeps. I love New York totally opposite to what I think it was going to be – the hustle & bustle of busy city lifestyle seems have faded away by it’s full on neon lights, friendly Americans, food was divine and theater – it was just an amazing experience. I shall write a post on New York activities…but for now, here’s a restaurant review on this lovely casual brekkie restaurant which was recommended by our hotel concierge. It was walking distance from our hotel and we were starving when we arrived early in the morning and had to wait till arvo to check into our hotel. What’s best then to dine at a place for yummy brekkie??

So we arrived at Andrews coffee shop – it was packed with people, straight away we were greeted with a waitress who sat us down with some menu. The place reminds me of a show on TV either from NCIS or Law and Order place where the cops will be at this casual restaurant having brekkie & coffee. There’s the colourful walls, TVs and you could see through the kitchen area.

We were staring through the menu, there were lots of varieties – so hard to choose from an extensive menu. Pandabear ended up ordering sausage & eggs with hash brown. Now as I’ve mentioned before, hash brown = mashed potatoes pan fried…and my choice was a greedy choice of the works – which had the eggs, bacon, sausages, & pancakes…that’s right..I had savoury & sweet I was starving and would love to try a bit of everything!!! We waited for our food which seemed to be taking for a long time. We waited and every time the waitress walked closer to our table she ended up rocking to another table to serve it’s as if she was avoiding us hehehehe….then finally she came, she was looking pretty exhausted – I don’t blame her, it was a packed restaurant and to be working at brekkie time – waking up early in the morning to serve these hungry mob brekkie is definitely not an easy task.

eggs, sausages and hash brown

eggs, sausages and hash brown

I had to wait for mine to arrive for quite sometime, I was starting to regret perhaps of being too greedy in ordering too much stuff. So I started picking food off Pandabear’s plate cos I was hungry!! Eventually my brekkie arrived. I was really surprised, the reason was because I was expecting them to separate my savoury brekkie from my sweet pancakes – but instead I get my eggs piling on top of my pancakes and mixed with sausages & bacon. But that’s ok, cos I ate all my savoury part first and then put some blue berry jam onto my pancakes and finished that off. The brekkie was delicious, both Pandabear and I were pretty happy with our brekkie – tummy satisfied. I must admit the sausages were quite different – I’ve never tasted this kind of sausage before – it’s kinda minced meat.

eggs, bacon, sausage and pancake

eggs, bacon, sausage and pancake

So overall, we were happy with our food – just the service & food waiting time was a let down but then again you kinda expect it from a casual dining restaurant. We left the restaurant with some tips on the table and walked off feeling full & happy.

Here’s my rating:

Dining experience: 3 star
Food experience: 4 star
Would I recommend it? Yes!


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