Gadget Review – Breville Rice Cooker

Published May 21, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, after a disappointing San Francisco restaurant review – I’m going to talk about a great kitchen gadget that will cheer up my mood. We had a little rice cooker that Pandabear bought when he was living by himself and when I moved in we decided this little rice cooker will be enough for us as you can make up to 3 cups of rice worth which is a lot for both of us, until one day the water started bubbling and overflowing we figured it’s done it’s time, time to retire and move on to a bigger family size rice cooker. So we researched a few online and I fell in love with this squarish and ovalish looking rice cooker – mix between square and oval. It reminds me of a Japanese rice cooker, it’s huge and has a handle on it. I love it, it’s a robot looking rice cooker. Now, I wanted a simple function rice cooker none of these complicated digital functions. It’s digital but are quite simple to use. There quick cook function for when you are rushing and wants to cook your rice straight away, and the normal cook function which cooks twice as long but makes your rice softer. There’s also a porridge function and soup function both which I have tried and must admit they are brilliant.

When the rice is cooked, it automatically shows a 0hr on the display so you know the rice is cooked ready to eat – prior to cooking it, the display will also show how long it will take to cook the rice so you could time it with your dishes. I’m quite happy with the rice cooker, it does it’s job and it’s handy to carry it to the picnics and it still keeps your rice warm. Once you leave your cooked rice inside the rice cooker it keeps the temperature so that you can leave up to an hour and when Pandabear comes home from work he’ll still have a hot bowl of steamed rice.

Breville Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker


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