Gadget Review – Prawns De-veiner & peeler

Published May 6, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, well I’m pleased to advise that I’ve finally resolved my IT nightmare problem today. I said to myself last night there’s nothing I could do about it – don’t worry just pray about it and go to sleep it’s a thing to sort out for next day. I had to go and speak to IT straight away the next morning to see whether they can retrieve our important files within our department which I have accidentally deleted it from our network drive which you can’t retrieve from the recycling bin!!! So I phoned IT around 8.30am and I was so glad to speak to one of the senior IT support guy who asked me what is the name of the folder that I have accidentally deleted and I told him what it is, and when he tried to salvage the files he said there’s no such folder by that name??? I did a search of all the folders incase they have sneakily been shifted to another folder within other drives – during my madness of multitasking? Unfortunately, I still couldn’t locate the folders???

Then as I hang up the phone sat in front of the computer, mumbling to myself trying to figure out what ways I can retrieve the missing folder. Suddenly, I got this brain wave working – bingo I’ve figured it out – I was trying to back track the steps and it’s definitely really hard when you have a fish memory. So I stood up decided it was time to walk to the IT department and explain to them how they could retrieve this missing folder. After explaining to the senior IT support guy regarding retrieving the back up tape from Tuesday of a certain folder, I felt much better so walked back to my station patiently waiting for IT dude to retrieve the folder. Then suddenly I had another brain wave shock…I realised that I might have deleted some other important folders which I can’t really remember – fish memory. So I quickly flick and email and then I received an instant reply from another IT dude to call him to discuss this. All in all, I had to walk myself to the IT department again and sat down next to this tall looking System Administrator (with some help of chocolate & lemon lollie bribe we both double checked against the folders I need against the ones they have backed up. I thanked the tall-looking system admin guy he replied “Not a problem, next time I’ll have to charge you a chocolate tower” So all in all, I’ve had to speak to 4-5 different IT staff – but it was a happy ending in the end cos I got my folders back (even thought they were back to the original state and I had to start shifting and transferring stuff again, I shut myself off from everyone around me so I can have total concentration and managed to clean the drive! Yay)

Anyways, back to gadget review – well we are still in the mindset of San Francisco and I bought this nifty little prawns De-veiner & peeler from a Chinese shop down at the China Town. I’ve decided to cook a prawn pasta dish which I have watched from Food Safari and try to replicate the recipe. So I took out my nifty prawns De-veiner but the only problem is it didn’t really give any instructions on how to use it?? So I had to guess, by holding the end bit with my hand – ripping the prawn head off first and insert it inside the prawn shell and just rip the shell apart and using the tip of the gadget to pick up the slippery veins…it seemed to work. Here are the pictures…

Prawns De-Veiner & peeler

Prawns De-Veiner & peeler

Gadget in action

Gadget in action

I would recommend this gadget as it’s pretty cheap, and quite useful – except my only criticism was it didn’t have any instructions on how to use it – so I had to guess…do they just assume people know how to use one???

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