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Published May 5, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, well I had sort of a busy day today at work – trying to get my head around my work as from now on Mondays & Tuesdays I’m working for another department. Which is very exciting as I get to learn new things, but the down side of it is to try to go back to my own department and remember the changes that have happened while I was away. Today, time seemed to fly – I was going through our department’s shared drive trying to sort out & delete the old stuff we had. First, my computer played up and refused to save some files on to a USB – then files disappeared or perhaps I have accidentally deleted it (I was sure I nearly had a heart attack – rang up IT for support and was told once you delete stuff from the network drive it’s gone!! Gone = gone into cyberspace or gone permanently?? Anyways, I have logged the job and hopefully tomorrow our IT department can retrieve it by backing up our network drive (one can only hope) otherwise I will have to make up those missing files which is a disaster!!!

The upside of today is that tonight, Pandabear arrives home from New Zealand – yay…even though I love my own space, likes to hang around with my friends and get to roll around my bed and have the whole bed to myself, it’s nice to have him back cos I’ve been giving up on my dieting and walking by feeding myself with killer home grown chillies and Korean fried rice. I really need Pandabear to discipline me when it comes to food. I’m also very proud of him cos he won the trainee prize for his poster and apparently he also won the door price $200 worth of subscription of medical journal – yay for him nay for me…those medical journals puts me to sleep I’m sure I’ll need them when I have one of those insomnia nights. As for the pressies he’s brought back chocolates, krispy creme donuts from Sydney etc, I scored a set of merino wool long sleeve top & pants which is so soft – apparently it’s very warm and I think I need to wear them soon cos I’m afraid of cold weathers. Oh and I was excited to see a bottle of huge Tia Maria – which I will use to make m desserts 🙂 I’m a happy girl right now.


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