Restaurant Review – Burger Bar (San Francisco)

Published May 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Now, I’m nearly towards the end part of San Francisco – it’s a place with great people and great food. So, we’ve heard people raving about the burgers in US saying how they are delicious and super size. So we found out this restaurant in Macy’s department store called Burger Bar who is renowned for serving awesome burgers. I believe this place is owned by Hubert Keller, the menu has some info of this chef and he seemed pretty cool and I’ve watched a few episodes of his cooking and it seems pretty impressive. So we caught a lift up to about level 8 to the burger bar and when we arrived the restaurant had pretty casual decor, a bar and some tables – now how the restaurant stands out is the view you get from sitting by the window side you can view the whole area of Union square.

The waitress was nice and friendly sat us a table near the window side which had a great view. We went through the menus, it was hard deciding which burgers to pick there were so many varieties…anyways Pandabear decided to go with the fancy burger. A surf & turf burger, black angus, grilled half lobster, grilled green asparagus on a plain bun served with skinny fries – sounds pretty gourmet to me. A higher end scale of burger range. When the waitress brought it out, the presentation was fantastic – however I thought the grilled lobster looked a little overcooked. When Pandabear cut into his burger – it was too large to eat by holding it in your hands. He tasted the burger and said the burger patty is yummy but the lobster was dry and overcooked. So he was alittle disappointed with his surf and turf.

Surf & Turf Burger

Surf & Turf Burger

I went for the American Classic Black Angus beef, American cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, onion on a sesame bun served with skinny fries. I always believe you can never go wrong with a classic dish. When it arrived I saw a large piece of gherkins on a red onion. How interesting, and the presentation looks great. The crispy bacon lying on to of the cheese and the bun. I know its enough to cause a heart attack but the taste was well worth it. Apparently, I was told you can have unlimited gherkins and onions all you need to do is ask the waitress. There are also a tub of mustard & ketchup (in Aussie land we call them tomato sauces) sitting on your table for you to use as much as you like. I was pretty stoked with my classic burger, the Pattie was well cooked and it went so well with the rest of crispy bacon, cheese, gherkins and onions. I even manged to to put them together and eat them like a burger – it requires great skill.

American Classic Black Angus Beef

American Classic Black Angus Beef

The view was fantastic, while we were waiting for our meals to arrive – I was staring outside looking at different people standing, sitting, talking, bike riding around the union square area. It was rather entertaining and waiting for our meals didn’t seem too long. The food serving size was generous and delicious.

Union Square

Union Square

The waiter occasionally came to our table to check on us in terms of how was our meal going and whether we need more drinks. So that was rather good. Now it came to pay time, we couldn’t locate anyone around – so we walked towards the cashier place waited for a few minutes, thought to ourselves where are the waiters/waitresses – people could have easily sneaked off without paying. So feeling a bit impatient and we saw a waitress walking towards us, she didn’t apologise for making us wait to pay??? That sort of dropped down the standard of customer service & dining experience.

Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 4 star
Food Experience: 4 star
Would I recommend it? Yes


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