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Published May 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy Friends, sorry I haven’t been posting…well seemed like lots have happened just within 1 week. I’ve sent Pandabear off to the airport to New Zealand to present his poster – his research article which took ages to finish and lots of revising before it went to the print. Seriously, it was to the point that I told him you’ve revised it so many times – it should be perfect just drop it off to the Printers and be done with it. Another weakness of mine, I cannot stand people working on stuff too slow – I’m a fast person and likes to get things done ASAP. So watching Pandabear revising the poster cos of the colours is driving me mad it’s like watching paint dry.

Anyways, I had a busy weekend – in 2 weeks time a friend of ours is getting married and I’ve been very privileged to have been asked to be presenting in the choir, so Saturday morning was practicing the song at church and off to meet mummy for lunch at the city which turned out to be rather like a nightmare trying to find a car park with millions of cars roaming around. Seriously, why do people hang around Northbridge so much on a weekend? Thank God, we were about to give up soon and we spotted a car park near the Salvos. So we hurried off for lunch, bought our meat from the usual butcher shop and Chinese groceries from Emma Seafood. I dropped mummy home and rushed off to a friend’s bridal shower. Anyways, fortunately mummy offered me some dinner – fish curry it was delicious quite spicy – I love spicy food, cos Pandabear don’t eat any spicy food – I find myself constantly craving for very spicy food and it was a real treat at my mummy’s place.

Sunday night it was time to go to my older sister’s place and we made Taiwanese pork mine dry noodles and dumplings and I served it with my home grown killer chillie paste – it tasted fantastic. I felt abit bad, my diet plan has gone straight to the bin. Tomorrow night I have a mother & daughter bonding movie night, we are watching Iron man II – I love action and computer graphics movies, so am looking forward to it and if we have time we will get some waffles with gelare icecream which is 1/2 price special on Tuesdays šŸ™‚ Tonight, I watched another episode of Masterchef – the elimination round – I guessed it right Kate has to go cos of plating up raw chicken. Then I realised on SBS there’s also Man Vs Wild show – which is also one of my favourite show about a man called Bear Grylls who is abit on the wild and crazy side teaching people how to survive one of the deadliest and harshest conditions on earth. I admire his gutsy instinct – not sure whether to call him a hero or is it pure stupidity???


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