Restaurant Review – Hang Ah Dim Sum (San Francisco)

Published April 24, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, well today I managed to wake up around morning time rather than sleeping till afternoon and I decided to go grocery shopping after been locked and quarantined at home for 3 whole days I was eager to go out for the fresh air and sunshine. Anyways, I managed to buy some groceries and got home and bring in the crispy dry clothes and had some pumpkin porridge for lunch. I had just enough time to rest for a bit and head towards church for Children Ministry Training. I’m awaiting to watch for an episode of Iron Chef.

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned earlier San Francisco have one of US’s largest China Town. So we decided to have some dim sum for lunch, to be honest there were so many dim sum restaurants we were contemplating which one we should go. Then suddenly this elderly lady gave us a flyer and asked us to try out at Hang Ah Dim Sum – she said ‘please go and try very delicious!!’ I read through the menu flyer seems like the typical Dim Sum menu. Anyways, I asked her whereabouts it is, she pointed towards the up hill side of a street all the way up the top. I was thinking, I really couldn’t be bothered walking all the way up hill to a dim sum restaurant. But the elderly lady insisted on taking us there, I felt a bit bad anyways – we decided to try it. It was a bit of a climb I was amazed the elderly lady was so fit walking faster than us, I was struggling to follow her.

Now when we got there, it was on a weekend so we were expecting the whole restaurant to be fully packed. But there were still some empty tables, plus not many Asians in the restaurants – I was whispering to Pandabear – I’m regretting of coming to this restaurant. The restaurant had one waitress and she seemed tired and impatient, handed us the menu and walked away. Can’t blame her, she was the only one working as a waitress and cashiering as well. Thankfully, both Pandabear and I weren’t that hungry so we spotted their dim sum special – which consists of special fried rice, 1 x prawn dumpling, 1 x pork buns, 1 x Pork dumpling, 1 x pan fried dumpling and Pandabear felt like radish cake. When we received our plate of dim sum, I was like wow the bun is round instead of the usual pointy shape, all the dim sum was warm not hot. After we ate our dim sum, we waited and asked when is our fried rice coming? Apparently they forgotten about our fried rice. When it came, I stared at it and whispered to Pandabear it looks like home style fried rice instead of restaurant style fried rice. We didn’t finish, cos the taste was bland.

Dim Sum Combo

Dim Sum Combo

Radish Cake

Radish Cake

Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 3 star
Food Experience: 3 star
Would I recommend it? NO!


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