My Mummy

Published April 23, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, life isn’t all about sadness..As mother’s day approaches, I’ve decided to write a post about my mummy. My mummy is my best friend, my mentor, my counselor and well My Mum 🙂 I am the middle child in my family – or you can call it a child with the middle child syndrome? Well, what is the middle child syndrome? It when you have an older sibling and a younger one and you’re stuck in the middle all the time. You’re the only that does most of the work at home and you’re probably not the favourite one too! Well, it’s kinda 1/2 right for me. I do most of the work at home but I’m also my Mummy’s favourite too 🙂 How do I know cos she tells me all the time that I’m her favourite!

My mummy married my daddy when she was in her early 20s and shortly gave birth to my older sister, 2 years later she had me and 6 years later she had my younger sister (at that time, my Daddy really wanted a son and my grandmother convinced my mummy to have a 3rd child hoping it was a boy). But it ended up a girl – my younger sister which we called the black sheep of the family (I will explain more in my other post). So there were 3 daughters in our family. Ever since we’ve migrated to Perth, my daddy have always been working in overseas on a regular basis, so we learned to be quite independent on our own from young. My mummy is a great cook, I’ve started cooking in the kitchen when I was really young around 10. I love watching mummy cook cos she’s so quick and efficient. Give her 30 minutes and she would whip up 3 dishes and a soup on the table ready for us to have for dinner. I can never get sick of Mummy’s cooking, even after 27 years of eating her home cooked meals, I still miss it these days – she would ask me to come back home for dinner and I would always be looking forward to her meals. I even tried replicating some of her dishes, but it just doesn’t taste the same. Same ingredients, same techniques of cooking but somehow the taste and flavours are different??!! Mummy would always joke, it’s a ‘mother’s taste’

Mummy has always being a housewife, with Daddy’s business she didn’t have to work, he was the bread winner for our family- her life revolves around raising the 3 daughters and at that time a little son Babe – our doggy brother. Life seems to be good for our family in Perth – we had a nice big home and enough money to buy what ever we wanted, however things started to change, financial difficulty arose when Daddy’s business started to not do so well and plus having invested lots of money on stock markets and then it had that stock market crash has resulted us in some financial difficulties. We had to sell off our comfortable big home and in search of a rental property. Life was tough, to go from being quite well off to not so well off was a huge adjustment to our life. all the newer rental properties would not allow pets – there were times when my mummy would say it’s time we give away Babe and all three of us would protest!! We rather stay in an older house instead! In the midst of searching for a place to stay Mummy and I would visit many properties and one day out of exhaustion, Mummy fainted and I was so shocked I grabbed her up and asked her if she’s ok, she said she’s fine just feeling abit tired. From that moment onwards I said to myself I would always look after Mummy and never allow this to happen again. Even when she become old and frail with Alzheimer’s disease – I would never ever send her to a Nursing home.

So by God’s grace we found this 30 years+ old rental place where we could keep Babe and life was difficult. Being an old place, it has it’s problems such as toilets blocking, shower system failing, water system broke down, curtain rail broken. Honestly, there were days that I think to myself whether we’ve made the right choice to rent this place. Amongst all of this mummy and I have became very good handyman, we’ve learned to fix things on our own and bunnings were a regular place we visited to fix our old place. But we dared not complain, it was our only choice at that time to rent this place so we could keep our Babe. In my mind, My mummy is a brave woman all these time she was raising the three of us without daddy by her side. She became our mother and our father, and when Daddy passed away I became her companion and the head of the family. Life was difficult as my younger sister was in her rebellious teenage years when my daddy passed away. Her stubborn nature would always get her into trouble which caused alot of heart aches & head aches for our family. However, we persisted on with our prayers for our younger sister and God have slowly moved her heart.

The day I told mummy that I was marrying Pandabear she was so happy for me, but I could tell that she felt really sad at the same time that her favourite daughter was leaving her. Prior to our wedding she cried for 2 weeks at the thoughts of me moving out and losing that companionship. I had to constantly reassure her that I’m close by and would come home regularly to visit her. Thankfully, my younger sister decided it was time to move back home and that has helped my mummy overcome her loneliness. As days progresses, she became used to me not being at home. Every Saturday I would make an effort to meet her for lunch and have our weekly grocery shopping time. My mummy is like my best friend, I tell her everything and I can surely say that she’s the one where I would sacrifice my life for. I love her very much, she is strong, brave, a great cook, and a great saver. She is fit and healthy and have been a gym member for more than 10 years. I admire her strength & determination…


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