Hotel Review – Grand Hyatt Hotel (San Francisco)

Published April 20, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, I’ve just finished another episode of Masterchef. Well, let’s see the status of sore throat hasn’t improved it’s feels like there’s some sharp razors cutting my throat every time I swallow so I try not to breathe or swallow too much. Not a great sign, I’m going to give it another day and if it doesn’t improve I’m gonna have to cancel dinner this Saturday. NO!!! I hate canceling dinner dates – especially when I’m cooking for my friends..but what can you do if I have something serious I don’t wanna pass it to them it’s painful 😦

Anyways, last night my work colleague recommended me some diphlam sprays which are good for sore throats and I told Pandabear to grab it for me if he can – somehow he got distracted with his medical post and before I know it I was glued to the TV watching Masterchef and before I know it the pharmacy has closed. Yes, I think this obsession with Masterchef is starting to scare me now…Anyways, I managed to head toward the pharmacy on my way home and ended up chatting to this Asian dude pharmacist of how to get rid of sore throat he recommended me this throat gargle – can’t remember the name but when I first opened I was repelled by the revolting metal and iodine smell and my goodness gargling this thing was worst than eating durian (little note I hate durian!! Can’t stand that taste) and the worst thing was the taste left my mouth and I almost threw up afterwards. So did I feel better afterwards NOPE!! Why Asian dude why did you recommend me this nasty concoction??? So tonight will be short post cos I’m still in pain with my nasty killer sore throat.

Okies, enough about restaurant review – onto another topic hotel reviews. Well, we caught a cab from the airport straight to our hotel – The Grand Hyatt have never stayed there before. We survived the crazy cab ride from this Asian driver who drive through busy streets cutting in and out like a speedy Gonzalez giving me a major headache and heart palpitating like crazy thinking this driver is going to kill us in some sort of car accident. Thank God, we survived and was glad to get off the cab ASAP. The bell boy helped us with a luggage and asked us where we were from and was amazed we flew in all the way from Perth. The hotel customer service person at the reception was very friendly greeted us with a lovely hi and big smile. Morning with a lovely tone and checked us in straight away. She ended with a have a great day and I replied good night – cos it’s night time in Perth and I definitely needed some sleep from the crazy cab ride.

Now I must admit the decor of the hotel looks classy but alittle old for my liking. I prefer the modern style, but when we arrived at our bedroom it was clean, I personally tested out the bed – soft and comfy, the bathroom/toilet was clean and neat. So you can’t complain..

Our lovely bed

Our lovely bed

After I had a long long nap woke up had a shower – excellent water heat system – I love my hot water shower cos it refreshes me very well. Anyways, the hotel was conveniently located opposite to a Star bucks joint, walking distance to all the Branded shops – Gucci, LV, Boss etc and also the Apple store as well. So you really can’t complain. The only thing that I was not happy about is that there’s no FREE wifi access so I couldn’t check my facebook but the up side there’s an APPLE store close by where you get FREE wifi access so it isn’t too bad.

Here’s my ratings:

Hotel service – 4 star
Hotel decor – 4 star
Would I recommend it? YES!

Okies, if anyone out there who has a home remedy for curing sore throat please kindly share to me the miserable creature with a nasty sore throat otherwise it’s back to my concoction of Iodine & Metal gargle No!!! 😦

Night and sweet dreams, oh btw – I rushed to see what Pandabear was doing and made some sniffing noise and he said whats wrong? I said ‘oh I wish I was in the Masterchef contest!!’ He probably thought I was gonna complained to him about my sore throat – which I temporarily forgotten when I watched the Masterchef…sigh…

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