Restaurant Review – Chen Fu Ji

Published April 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends, I tell you what after having some awesome food in the US & Canada – coming back home for some home cooking meal certainly was a shock to the system. I’m starting to run out of food ideas of what to cook and my inspirations. So anyways, few days ago I decided to make a roast – not just any roast but one that was marinated differently. I always use rosemary & garlic they are my favourite. But I wanted to try something exciting. So I came across Curtis Stone’s easy to do roast – the marinate sauces were mustard & strawberry jam. Yup, you heard me mustard & strawberry jam. I generally don’t like to mix my savouries with sweets – but combining mustard & strawberry jam was bizarre!!

Anyways, I decided to be brave and gave it a shot and guess what – it taste great! The sweetness of the strawberry jam complimented the sourness of the mustard seeds. So there you go, be bold and brave when it comes to mixing different sauces. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos – but one of these days I will make it again 🙂

Ok I’m getting side tracked here, so here we are well rested at the pay in lounge – now we are extremely hungry so we started hunting for some food and came across this food court. Now we all know food in the airport are over priced and often don’t taste that good. So I had low expectation, now what caught my attention was this particular shop which was well-known for it’s hand pulled noodles. On the mirror show case, there was the cook hand pulling noodles from a blob of dough. How amusing so I stood there staring at the cook making hand pulled noodles and he saw me and gave me a smile, so I whipped out my camera and took a shot.

Chen Fu Ji

Chen Fu Ji

After being entertained with the hand-pulled noodles we decided to order some hand-pulled noodles. Both Pandabear and I ordered the pork minced ramen that came with a soup and for our drinks we had the authentic Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea. The noodle was fantastic, chewy, slippery – great texture. Now the sauce was kind of not what I expected a little bit sweet for my liking but it was still tasty.

Pork Mince Ramen

Pork Mince Ramen

Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea

Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea

After finishing our meal I came across these interesting doughy looking thing which reminded me of ‘Hum Jim Beng’ – which literally translated as salty pan fried biscuit. Savoury doughy bread. So I asked Pandabear to grab me one. They cut it in quarters I thought that was thoughtful, it tasted ok – a little bit too doughy for my liking feels like you’re chewy a whole mouthful of dough with no fillings. Anyways, it was a dessert for me 🙂

Savoury Doughy Bread

Savoury Doughy Bread

Ok here’s my rating:

Food experience: 4 star
Dining experience: well being at the air port extra points for fast food service 4 star
Would I recommend: YES


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