Hotel Review – Pay in Lounge (Hong Kong)

Published April 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy friends, what a miserable weather tonight pouring with rain. I don’t really love wet weathers but it’s good for my vegie garden and great for sleeping 🙂 Anyways, I’ve finally got my act together to start updating my blog again. This time, I’m going to add in a new category Hotel Review. Since I love traveling around the world staying at nice hotels was also a high priority. So the ratings would be the same as restaurant review, rating out of 5 star.

So our flight from Perth to Hong Kong was around 5-6 hours we stopped over for about 8 hours and continue flying to San Francisco. Now we caught the midnight flight so we knew we were going to feel a little yucky on the plane and smelly to have continued our flight to San Francisco without a shower. So Pandabear came across this pay in lounge in the Hong Kong Air port. Now we’ve never been to the pay in lounge before so it was a first time experience. We paid for 3 hours of nap and shower. You can choose either to nap or shower or massage, we opt for the option of shower and nap.

My comfy tiny bed

My comfy tiny bed

Dry your hair place

Dry your hair place

So we arrived at the pay in lounge, the guy serving us was nice and friendly and asked us what time we would like to be woken up – Pandabear said 11.30am so that we can have a quick shower and grab a bite for lunch before flying out. So The guy showed us the facilities – tiny little single beds divided by curtains and blinds similar to Japanese futon beds. Then we were shown the shower facilities – clean comes with shampoo/conditioner, tower, and soap dispensers. There was also another room where you could blow dry your hair and put your make up on – large mirrors there. It was fantastic, the guy came to woke us up right on the dot and we went for our shower, feeling mightily refreshed and it was so worth it, not overly priced and it really made the difference 🙂

Here’s my ratings

Hotel service – 4 star
Hotel decor – 4 star
Would I recommend it? Absolutely YES!


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