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Published April 13, 2010 by Mary Jane

Well, I’ve been thinking about video taping myself in some live cooking shows but was really in need of a video camera. Thanks to Pandabear who bought a camera which had zoom in video functions, it’s a step to making my virtual cooking shows come true. Now I just have to take some time and be brave of filming it. I’ve already found my video crew – my mummy and my mate Miss A who is currently traveling around Europe with her sister! Lucky duck…

So please bare with me, and I’m sure I’ll get there now I have the equipment there’s really no excuses. Anyways, the other night I started watching an episode of Poh’s kitchen, and was amazed how fortunate she was of scoring a cooking show with ABC. I’ve always wanted to have some sort of food show but not just any cooking show but combining traveling with food together and that’s just pure awesome 🙂 They have these sort of shows in Taiwan and it’s great we have something similar in Perth Getaway! So perhaps one day I might approach Channel 7/9/10 of my crazy idea maybe they might consider it, since I can’t have my own restaurant! Told my mummy about this, she just nods – my mummy is great she never puts me down with my crazy food dreams even though she thinks it’s not going to happen or come true she just nods and smile and agrees with me if I ever become famous one day she’ll definitely be on my show that’s for sure 🙂



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