Wedding Anniversary

Published April 9, 2010 by Mary Jane

Seasons of happiness

Hello my bloggy friends, I’m so so sorry I haven’t had a chance to update my blog. But I promise once I get my act together, I will share with you guys an amazing journey/trip that I’ve had in US & Canada few weeks ago. šŸ™‚ Well, my life predominantly fills with lots of food, but it’s not just all about food – I have my lovely family and my hubby. Just recently we celebrated our 2 years wedding anniversary together and I thank God for seeing us through these two beautiful years.

I’m the sort of person who likes to reflect on the past – not sure whether this is a good thing or not but by reflecting on the past – I draw memories and strength and count all the blessings that God has given me in my life. So I’m going to share how I met my hubby aka Pandabear. This seemed liked the most common question people ask when they get to know me šŸ™‚

Pandabear and I are very different people – now I agree with the statement opposite attracts. Me – I’m forgetful aka fish memory, easy going, friendly, animal lover, food lover, elderly people lover, can be stubborn, organised and efficient. I have no time to slow down and I hate being lazy!!! That’s right that’s why I hate being sick cos when you’re sick you just lie in bed and DO NOTHING! Ok that’s enough about me, Pandabear – well he’s got great memory, a little bit serious and conservative, reserved, extremely stubborn, can be friendly if he wants to, definitely not an animal lover, definitely not a food lover, definitely not an elderly people lover, he is extremely organised to the point I think he has obsessive compulsive nature in him.

God brought Pandabear into my life at the saddest and lowest point of my life. And at times when we argue and get angry with each other I would always reflect at that time he gave me the courage and the encouragement to keep me going. This has allowed our relationship to grow stronger each year. I believe relationship is about compromising, Pandabear and I used to argue over petty things – how the dishes should be washed, me destroying his squeaky clean kitchen, me staining his clothes, how I’m so forgetful and how he never admits he’s wrong and he always never think before he says things which may hurt other peoples’ feelings. But after all marriage life is not all about these petty things you’ve got to turn a blind eye with these petty things.

Ok, so how we met – at our church youth group. Now Pandabear attends a different church and when he was in Melbourne he bumped into one of my friend Mr M and Mr M asked him whether he would like to attend our youth group cos at his church there weren’t a youth group. Pandabear kinda said he would think about it but never came to our church. So few months plodded along and Lord and behold Pandabear bumped into MR M in Perth now this time Mr M asked him to come to our youth group. Out of courtesy Pandabear decided he would visit our church one youth group night. Now it was hate at first sight for me and according to Pandabear he thought I was a feisty girl and very interesting – that must be a good impression I suppose. We had a games night that night and he was the judge and I was in one of the group and I thought he was being unfair, so I walked up to him not knowing who he was and screamed ‘Can’t you see our group answered correctly first, you’re suppose to give the points to our team!!!’

Anyways, that was our first encounter – me thinking this nerdy looking guy who is arrogant and stubborn, him leaving our church thinking this girl is feisty and interesting. So he started attending more of our youth group nights, camps and was there for me when I was at the dumps – so the rest is history. We dated for 4 years until we decided it was time to get married and me leaving my home to move in to his little den. I always thought I was one of those people who would probably stay single for a long long time or for the rest of my life why? Cos I don’t like to be told what to do and also I don’t like to listen to people – I only like to do my own thing and make my own decisions!! At least I admit it, so it makes it hard when I know wives should be submitting to husbands! It’s a lesson that I need to learn everyday and Pandabear would always complain that I don’t listen to him. Which is not true, I do listen to him but just not ALL THE TIME.

Marrying Pandabear is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life… Why? Cos I have a life time companion now who is able to help me during the tough times to be there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, to share my happy moments with joy, to travel around the world and enjoy great food, and most importantly I do not have to make any hard decisions by myself…when I watched the movie ‘UP’ it made me cry – I don’t usually cry cos I think crying is for the weak but the movie did made me cry when the old man was going through the photo album that his late wife made for him. I hope and pray that Pandabear and I will grow old together and we’ll be holding our hands lovingly taking a stroll around the park still looking after each other. And God forbid if one of us gets sick and pass away the other one would continue to live a happy life – or even better both pass away around the same time that way neither of us would feel lonely or sad- I’m sounding quite morbid now. šŸ™‚ Cos I have a fish memory I would joke with Pandabear if one day I have Alzheimer’s disease and can’t remember you anymore what would you do? He would say I would smack you out of your Alzheimer’s disease until you recognize me or at times he would shrug his shoulders and say “I hope that day doesn’t come”…

Before I end why do I say we have gone through 2 beautiful years as hubby and wife, because we’ve learnt to compromise with each other and talk with each other to sort out our differences. Now it’s taken me a while to learn this lesson because I don’t talk I usually bottle it up and Pandabear well like a typical guy he doesn’t talk about emotional needs. This not only allows our marriage relationship to stay stronger, but we love each other more and more each day. Prayer plays an important part in maintaining our marriage relationship – there are certainly challenging times when I feel what have I gotten myself into and why I have to put up with Pandabear, but these moments disappear when God reassures me that it’s the challenging times which will make our relationship grow even stronger, after a storm there will always be a sunshine. šŸ™‚


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