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Published March 16, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy Friends, well wishes from far far away San Francisco. I’m now in Apple store, free internet access πŸ™‚ Well, I’m reaching close to 100 posts and I thought I will have a little celebration of changing my background theme which will now incorporate the categories search easier for people who only wants to read certain things πŸ™‚ Yay. Well, I hope you guys liked this design. It took a little while for me to select this one. Anyways, it’s great staying at San Francisco – first of all China Town is one of the largest in US and it’s like a little town full of Asians, with markets, food, restaurants, shops that sells everything from spices to chinese nick nacks…and also I bought some kitchen gadgets which is really great and I’ve also taken quite alot of food photos which I’m hoping to compile them into posts. Tonight is our last night in San Francisco, we will be flying off to New York our next destination for some great shopping πŸ™‚ followed by flying to Vancouver Canada and then Whistler our last stop for some hopefully awesome skiing and snow mobile. The people here are so friendly they will always greet you with a smile and when you leave they would always say ‘have a great day’ with a lovely smile. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Ron Seagull in person who took me for a personal kitchen tour to meet his staff and he gave me his menu with his signature – I’m over the moon. He’s the chef who beat French Iron Chef, I was so honoured to meet him in person – more detail in my future post. San Francisco is such a nice city full of nice people, though I do see random beggars around the corner of the street and do have the urge of handing some change to them! Oh well, theres always one around in every country.

So long my bloggy friends, will post more when I get the opportunity to! ‘Have a great day!’


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