Dessert Recipe – My Strawberry Cake & Muffin

Published March 10, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy Friends, hope this post finds everyone very well. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Been busy with various things. Anyways, last night we had a early birthday celebration for my younger sister. She is turning 23. Last night wasn’t really her birthday, cos Pandabear and I will be at USA when it’s her birthday so we opt to celebrate it earlier while we’re still in Perth.

So mum said to me don’t worry about buying a birthday cake for her cos it’s not really her birthday anyways. But what’s a birthday celebration without a cake. So I decided to bake a cake for my sister. I was thinking to myself I’m not really good with baking, so it’s safer just to buy a packet of already mixed cake mixture that way nothing will go wrong….here are my ingredients

So as it turned out, when I pop over to the oven to see how’s my cake going – I bought this butter cake mixture. They didn’t have any sponge cake mixture. So When I took it out of the oven, it was beautifully smooth and I was quite happy with it. Then I allowed it to cool down for 5 minutes before taking out of the tin. To my surprise the cake seemed a little bit flat nothing like the cover of the box where the cake was rather puffed up high.

My flat cake

My flat cake

So I was rather disappointed thinking of ways to make the cake stack higher with my strawberries. Pandabear said “why don’t you go and buy another box of cake mixture and make a 2nd cake and stack them together” I’m like there’s not enough time, plus I couldn’t be bothered baking another cake…hehehe I’m lazy. So I managed to cut all the strawberries, whipped some cream – now I started pouring some sugar into the whipping cream mixture then I realised oh no maybe I shouldn’t have mix the sugar in first but it was too taste. As my breville cake mixer starts to whip the cream, I stared at it hoping it will become thicker! And Yay! It did turned out ok.

Now in order to compensate for my flat cake, I decided to bake some cup cakes – now I’m confident with baking some cup cakes so I baked it from scratch just plain cup cakes and later on I was gonna decorate it.

My cup cakes

My cup cakes

Now it was decorating time, I got home from work and I have 1 hour to decorate my cake and my cup cakes. So I have no time to waste. Started by cutting the strawberries in 1/2. I have sliced the cake in 1/2 and started spreading lots of cream on the cake as well and started piling those strawberries to stack the cake higher.

Piling my strawberries on to the cake

Piling my strawberries on to the cake

It didn’t look too bad, so it was time to spread more cream onto the other 1/2 of the cake and just tip it over to cover the cake. Now it was beginning to feel the whole cake was packed with whipped cream hehehehe but it was my way of making the cake taller.

My cake full of cream

My cake full of cream

The cake was starting to look 1/2 decent and bit taller yay!! So next thing was to chop up my chocolate blocks to add some chocolate pieces to the cake to make it pretty and taste better. After madly chopping up chocolate into pieces, some bits started to melt on my hands..heheh here comes the best part licking my fingers..mmm..chocolate…

My chopped up chocolate pieces

My chopped up chocolate pieces

I managed to decorate the chocolate pieces without it melting. It was starting to make my cake look quite pretty 🙂 and it was time to start piping some cream onto the cake…

I was amazed that my cake is starting to look like a cake…hehehe then it was time to stack some strawberries onto my twirly cream. Wow it looks great..

My final cake

My final cake

I also bought some pink icing to write some I drew a Large M onto the chocolate pieces and wrote happy birthday onto the cake.

My cake is done, so I quickly put it into the fridge so that the cream doesn’t melt and my next task was to decorate the cup cakes. My idea is to used up my left over strawberries and cream. So I piled some cream on top and pop strawberry on top and wrote in pink icing the letters for each muffin – ‘M’ ‘A’ ‘U’ ‘R’ ‘E’ ‘E’ ‘N’ ‘Y’
which is my younger sister’s nick name and it turned out quite well..

I was very happy with the turn out of my strawberry cake & muffin 🙂


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