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Published March 10, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy friends. I’m letting you know that I won’t be writing any post for a 2.5 weeks cos Pandabear and I are flying off to USA & Canada but I promise when I get back, I’ll have lots to share…there will definitely be lots of restaurant review, food photos, traveling pictures..I’m really procrastinating my packing. I took today off from work to pack and clean. I was struggling to wake up this morning, as last night we kinda got home late from my younger sister’s birthday celebration. So I woke up at 10am this morning started doing my loads of washing and scrubbing our fridge chucking away things and giving away things to my mum as they wouldn’t keep.

My mum came over around 11ish and started harvesting my chillies. My chillies continued to grow out of control and mum ended up harvesting 1 large bag of chillies cos they would have shriveled up by the time we get home. Had to scrub our dirty fridge cos sometimes I’ll leave packets of sauces behind and it will go everywhere so I scrubbed the whole fridge, made my irobot vacuumed, mopping and doing everything except packing.

Now, it’s easy for me to pack. Pandabear have instructed me to take out everything clothes, items etc and leave them onto the bed. So the usual thing is to dump everything onto the bed and Pandabear will carefully packed all items into our luggages so that’s why I’m procrastinating, hehehe cos my packing gets done really quickly. So after some cleaning, it was 1ish time for some lunch – so Mum shouted me Japanese food takeaway. Yay!! I love Japanese food and also it was time to count how much money I have saved in my ANZ piggy bank. So I poured out all my coins, and Mum helped me count the coins. It came up a grand total of $80 all that coins for only $80??? Anyways, it was something…so I took some coins to the bank and felt abit bad I didnt have any bank bags, so I put them all in a container. The bank teller was nice and friendly and said not to worry we can put these coins into the bank bag.

She asked me how much do you think you have. Oh, around $80 I think and she weighed them all out and it came to $80 and she asked me whether I want to exchange them into cash. I said definitely. So she gave me $80 I really should save these cash, and when I was going to pop them into my wallet I found I had some cash in my wallet so I decided to bank $100 so the bank teller laughed you gave me $80 worth of coins and you ended up banking $100 so we made $20 extra hehehehe 🙂

Okies, better go and cook some dinner now – Pandabear has woken up from his nap complaining he’s hungry and that I’m still blogging!!!


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