Gadget Review – Breville Cake Mixer

Published March 6, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello again, I love this particular gadget – I use it for all sorts of baking. I use it for making doughs for pizzas as it has a dough hook, whisking things with a whisk, mixing cake mixture. It has attachments which is great for all sorts of occasion. I love it’s funky colour, I decided to buy a pink one which is pretty trendy if you leave it on your bench top.

Though I must admit the mixer takes up a lot of bench space and quite heavy. However, the attachments are so easy to attach to the mixer and the button settings includes – mixing, folding, whisking, beating and different speeds. So it basically incorporates all functions into one equipment. Excellent! Great for making cake mixture, dough and pastries.



Now the cake mixer comes with a metallic looking mixing bowl which can be detached from the mixer and it’s easy to wash the mixture off from the metallic mixing bowl. Large enough to make large mixture. To change the attachments you simply press this black button and it leaves the top part of mixer upwards and you simply attach the attachments to the nozzle and then press it down and it’s ready for use.

I would recommend people who is into baking to purchase this equipment cos it’s so handy not only for baking cake, any flour mixture, pastry, it’s great for mixing meringues and your hands would not be too sore as it automatically mix, beat and fold for you. You just stand there and watch the whole mixture gets mixed together. As it does not have many parts to it, it’s easy to wash and clean.


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