Comfort Food Recipe – Steam Boat

Published March 5, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy Friends, hope this post finds you well. I’m so glad it’s Friday – yay I love weekends. I got home from work this evening and found myself really weak and exhausted, kinda like a bad sign with a big headache. So I rested in bed for like few hours and got up to eat some dinner and decided perhaps I’m coming down with another evil sore throat symptom. NO!!!!!! Why me??? If there was a guinea record in place for the most person with a sore throat I’ll definitely have that record for sure. Everytime I went to my GP, she would say you’re fine there’s nothing wrong with you…then why am I getting these sore throats??

Anyways, anyone out there suffering from sore throats please let me know your secret remedy – so I can be put out of my misery. 😦 So this particular recipe is so easy, with minimal cooking at all – great for winter time and lazy time. For nights that I can’t be bother cooking.

Here it is…

Steam Boat


1 x packet of steam boat soup seasoning
1 bag of mixed steam boats items
1 bunch of gai lan
few eggs
1 x packet of dry yee mein
1 x packet of thinly sliced pork/beef/chicken


1. First put the packet of steam boat seasoning into a pot of boiling water. You can buy these steam boat seasoning from any Asian Grocery Store it comes with Seafood, Chicken, Pork and Spicy flavours. I usually go for the Seafood one cos it taste better with my fish balls. If you don’t have these packets of seasoning you can always substitute it with some chicken stock, it taste just as great 🙂

2. Chuck in your steam boat mix – which usually consist of fish balls, taro balls, tofu, and other great stuff that I have no idea the name for. You can buy these from Asian Grocery Stores, there are usually a separate section for steam boat and you can search through it and find your favourite one. I usually get mine from Emma Seafood @ Northbridge.

3. Now steam boat is all about slowly cooking portions of things and eating it at the same time, and refilling it with soup stock and other ingredients. So I usually cook the steam boat mix first, follow by packets of thinly sliced meat. These thinly sliced meat are designed for steam boat as they cook very quickly so it’s a matter of dunking it into the soup and quickly fishing it out before it goes tough.

4. Then I would put the gai lang or any chinese vegetables into the soup along with some eggs – eggs in steam boat are best mates they taste so good like a poached egg!

5. Then the last item would be chucking those yee mein dry noodles in. The reason why I don’t use hokkein noodles wet ones is that it goes soggy really quickly these dry yee mein noodles are great for steam boat as they don’t get too soggy, so make sure you fish them out and don’t leave them in the steam boat soup otherwise the noodles will absorb all the soup and become fat fat noodles!!

6. Now for dipping sauce, taiwanese style we opt for the satay sauce and it’s brilliant for steam boat – got a little bit of spicy taste to it. For non-spicy eater like Pandabear, we give him Hoi Sin Sauce and it’s not too bad. I’ve recent discovered this Korean flavoured chilli sauce that goes well for steam boat dipping sauce. The great thing about steam boat is you can absolutely chuck any sort of ingredients such as prawns, fish, clams, crabs anything and it will make the soup stock delicious…


Steam Boat

Steam Boat

Close up of the cute little piggy face

Close up of the cute little piggy face


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