Yanchep Family Outing

Published March 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening bloggy friends, hope this post finds you all well. It’s been hard going back to work after a long weekend. Monday was a Labour Day for WA so that means no work for me. So I asked my family whether they would like to have a picnic or not – I’ve also invited my mate Skister who I used to work with and now we’re best mates. So in the end my sister decided why not head to Yanchep National Park – it’s only a 45 minutes drive and it will be great for the kids to see all the wild life animals. So I thought that’s not a bad idea and prepared some simple picnic food – Massaman Curry Chicken, some fresh baked rolls, brie cheese, fried noodles, feta olive oil salad and some sausages. Noodles & Sausages were done by my sister.

Now the forecast for the day was a scorching hot 37 degrees…yikes it’s so hot that by the time it was around 3pm the sun was still bright and burning outside. I’m starting to think that picnic at Yanchep was a bad idea. So I sms my sister and told her I’ll be heading to her house a little later cos it’s still so hot outside. So we arrived at Yanchep National Park around 5.30pm by that time the weather has become cooler. Found ourselves a table to put all our food and straight away when we settle in, there were lots of ducks and weird looking red beak looking bird which flew in and surrounded us. They must have smell our delicious food and wanted some. So we scoffed down our picnic food and there were heaps of left over freshly baked rolls and I’ve decided to grab my nieces to feed the ducks and weird looking birds.

ducks crowding around us

ducks crowding around us

It was really fun feeding the ducks and weird looking birds, I always look out for skinner ducks and birds cos they always misses out on feeding cos they are weak. Then you see some aggressive ones who attacks other ducks & birds even though they are probably over weight already. When I see a duck attacking another duck I would tell that duck off by scaring them off. It’s fascinating to watch how I would tear off little crumbs from the bread rolls and just chuck them in one hit scattering them everywhere and all the ducks & birds would rush to peck at them and scoff them down. Rather amusing really..

So after the duck & birds feeding session, we decided to head down and see the kangaroos there were so many kangaroos. I really wanted to go and pat them but as soon as I get closer to them, they just skip away really quickly. I even saw little Joey which stood by the mother, so cute – but I didn’t see any little ones inside the mother kangaroo’s pouch. 😦 I’m just so amazed on how the kangaroos can stand up straight and skip so fast, so bouncy and carefree siting on the lawn eating grass. I tried to feed them with some of my left over bread rolls but they didn’t seem to eat them. Then, I heard my sister telling me that kangaroos have bad eye sights they can’t see your tiny bread crumbs. So I ripped a huge piece of the bread rolls and chuck them right in front of the kangaroos and guess what they ate it hooray!! 🙂



We were all kangaroo out and decided to search for other animals such as koala bears, but couldn’t seem to locate any. It was starting to get a little dark, time to go home before the mozzies come out. We had fun time at Yanchep National Park. Would definitely recommend people to go there for a family picnic…


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