Gadget Review – Breville Kitchen Wizz

Published March 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Ok, I’ve been wanting to harvest my home grown chillis for ages and haven’t had the time to do so. They are absolutely growing out of control!! The summer heat must have speed up my growing of chillis. So it was time that I head out with my scissors and harvest some home grown chillis to make them into chilli sauce. Now my chillis are usually green and eventually they would turn red, but it usually takes a long time to go from green to red chillis. But the sun must have done it’s trick, nearly all my chillis were harvest red. I took out my breville Kitchen Wizz blender and asked Pandabear to quickly show me how to use it as I’ve never used it before.

It seemed easy enough just pop the blades in, click the blender container and you can select the buttons – pulse, speed 1, 2,3… simple to use. It even has a little nozzle that allows you to add in oil or water to mix it.

My red hot chillis

My red hot chillis

The blender

The blender

Blended Chillis

Blended Chillis

Now, I started to chop the chillies and tried to remove most of the seeds as I can. Having no clues about making chilli sauces – I just randomly add some seasonings – Olive oil, pinch of salt, some vinegar, a bit of water and hope for the best. When I finished blending I pop the lid open and it was a strange orange colour? I couldn’t understand why?? Until I realised I have added some green chillies in as well and that’s why the colour is not bright red but rather orangy in colour. Anyways it was time to have a bit of a taste, and when I dip my finger into it and pop it inside my mouth – it was so hot!!! Burning my tongue – now that’s what you call a quality HOT HOT chilli sauce. So I pour it into one of my empty jam jars, packed it full in and pop it back to the fridge – feeling very proud I have made a jar of hot chilli sauce that would probably last me a year – cos it’s so HOT!!

my final chilli sauce

my final chilli sauce

It was washing up time, I’m always dreading when it comes to washing – I love cooking but hate clean up and washing. Fortunately, the breville kitchen wizz was rather easy to clean – all I did was pour a little bit of detergent as there’s some oil in the blender and rinse it with warm water with a few scrubs and all the chilli sauce remains come off and the blade was easy to clean as well. So there’s a happy me with a jar of hot chilli sauce. Thumbs up for Breville Kitchen Wizz – I will definitely use you again πŸ™‚

2 comments on “Gadget Review – Breville Kitchen Wizz

    • heheeh they are really growing out of control….honestly if you and Jon like some chillis I’ll be happy to bring some of my killer chillis for you guys. πŸ™‚ beware they are so hot – it’s not funny…

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