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Published March 3, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello people, Pandabear is on call tonight – and I’m hoping by the time he gets home, I would be sleeping like a log and wouldn’t hear any phone calls coming in from the hospital. Wishful thinking… I was chatting to my mate Miss V today and she was giving me suggestions on how to improve my blog. I really appreciate it when people give me feedbacks and suggestions as this is the first time I’ve ever blogged so not sure what to expect and how to make it more blog reader friendly. So I started looking into the categories function for my blog and got stuck?? Couldn’t understand any of the instructions from google about creating categories and assigning tags – it reminded me of IT projects back in the olden days in Uni where everything seemed like “blah blah blah” sort of like when Homer gets distracted with his funny thoughts. Anyways, I’ve decided to have a rest for the day and try it again next time. If there’s anyone out there who is able to explain to me how to use the categories functions, I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

I started reading other food blogs as well, just out of curiosity and wow there were so many food blogs out there – and really good ones too…Now looking at my food blog and reading other people’s food blog is like comparing my IT knowledge with IBM or Google..hehehe mine seemed rather simple kinda like primary school style..hehehe oh well, I’ll get there one day with flashy photo shots and advance categories functions and background design layouts..

But all in all, I’m just glad I have my food blog to waffle on and share my food photos and crazy ideas with 🙂


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