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Published February 28, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Bloggy Friends, hope this post finds everyone well. I had a wonderful baking session with my baking mates yesterday followed by a girl’s night out to celebrate one of my good mate’s resignation. Now you may ask why are we celebrating her resignation because it’s a new step into a new career so it’s worth celebrating.

Well, we met up at Miss A’s house at 2pm and started off stock taking all the ingredients that we need to buy from shopping centre. So off we went to buy the ingredients and we started officially baking around 3pm and it was definitely an adventure and challenge to bake the profiterole tower. We were ambitious and pumped up. Now the key to bake profiteroles lies in the choux pastry – which if you are not patient to slowly pour the egg mixture and heat enough and beat enough it could turn out to be a BIG disaster.

Now, it wasn’t a great start – I bought everything except to bring my recipe book – thanks to my fish memory. So we end up using Gordon Ramsay’s profiterole recipe and improvise the rest for the caramel mixture. When we finished making our choux pastry it’s time for piping and instead of looking like round balls they seemed flat and runny – not a good sign!! Anyways, we were determine to still bake these running choux pastry and pop them into oven and behold it started rising up and look like profiteroles. Now we were over the moon and we grabbed them out we started poking holes into them and continue to bake more. After few minutes later they started to sink and looked like miserable under rised profiteroles 😦

Anyways, we are not the sort to give up, so we soldier on and baked more than 50 profiteroles for our towers. Just as well we baked many profiteroles cos they were rather flat we need more of them to pile up into a massive tower. Now we were thinking instead of piping custard into it – here comes the interesting part I wanted to make our custard from fresh but the girls were too tired and wanted to opt for the easier option of using the ‘CUSTARD POWDER’ – ARGH!!! I only use the custard powder for baking biscuits but not for making custards!!! Anyways, I was starting to feel a little tired so I foolishly gave in with the custard powder and it turned out to be quite runny plus we were adventurous so we mixed the custard with some freshly whipped cream. Now when we tried to pipe the custard mixture into the profiteroles it was oozing out from the hole. Very runny indeed.

Anyways, now it comes to making caramel – from my fish memory I remembered how to make them just boil the caster sugar until it’s brown and runny and we made what we called toffee whiskers that sort of float on top of the tower. Eventually through patience and determination we finally build up our profiterole tower. To make it more interesting we heated up some chocolate and drizzle on top of the profiteroles..mmm…chocolate + toffee = super sweet dessert. Now our presentation of the profiterole tower doesn’t look to flashy but when we dig into it, the flavour is awesome – very tasty and the sweetness of cream balances out the chocolate & toffee. It was indeed worthy of all our hard work.

Anyways, we had a great time baking, snacking & chatting and our next aim is to perfect the profiteroles and make it rise properly and next time I will definitely have to remember my recipe book cos it has really great instruction on making profiteroles and make them rise!

Enjoy the photos…

Choux Pastry

Choux Pastry

Piping the choux pastry

Piping the choux pastry

our baked profiteroles

our baked profiteroles

Our profiterole tower with caramel whiskers

Our profiterole tower with caramel whiskers


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