Comfort Food Recipe – Sushi

Published February 27, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello again…while we are on the topic of Sushi – one of my favourite food – kinda hard work to prepare ingredients but once you get the ingredients it’s pretty easy to make. Healthy and tasty and you could keep them in the fridge for supper later on. Well, just side tracking – recently I find myself always seemed to have sore throat or some sort of cold symptoms and I started to nail down some of the potential reasons why I get sick all the time.

My suspicious reasons – Pandabear cos he works in the hospital all the time so he might be carrying germs back home and those nasty germs goes into my body – it’s possible, another reason – when I sleep I breathe like a fish – through my mouth so for the whole night the germs crawls through my mouth and into my body – that’s possible. What else? I don’t get enough rest, I’m constantly running around getting things down that I don’t allow my body to have some decent rest – that’s possible as well. Anyways what ever it is it’s driving me mad!! 😦 I hope these evil sore throat will disappear soon or else I’ll have to take lots of vitamin cs and drink lots of water – yes I hate water H2O – sometimes I go without any water at all for the whole day.

Anyways, that’s my dilema for my sore throat – sorry back to the comfort food recipe…here it is



2 x carrots
1 x packet of sushi vinegar mix
1 x packet of 10 sheets of sushi
2-3 pieces of chicken thighs
2 table spoon of mirin
3 eggs
1 x avocados
1 x cucumber
1 x packet of cooked prawns
1 x tube of Japanese Mayonaise

1. First put 3 cups of rice and 4 cups of water into the rice cooker. Now make sure you have those fat rice/short rice grains and not long rice grains otherwise you find yourself not been able to bind the rice together. Short rice is best used for sushi and rice balls. After the rice is cooked let it cooled down to warm temperature and add in the packet of sushi vinegar mix – you can buy them in any Asian grocery store

2. Set the rice mixture to cool down. Now it’s time to prepare ingredients. Boil some carrots and slice them into long strips, marinate the chicken thighs in some mirin – which is Japanese sweet rice wine if you don’t have it not to worry just add some soya sauce and 2 teaspoon of sugar and it should do the trick. So marinate the chicken thighs for 30 minutes with mirin and soya sauce – pan fried them till golden brown and cut them into long strips. Next we beat the eggs and add a pinch of sugar, corn flour and water and pan fried it and cut them into long strips. Then you slice the avocados and cucumbers into long strips and slice the prawns in 1/2 and there you have it all the ingredients ready for sushi. With some variation you could have tuna, raw salmon and other ingredients.

3. Now the rice mixture has cooled down you need to have a sushi mat – bamboo mats you can buy them from any Asian Grocery store. Lay the sushi sheet smooth side on the outside and spoon some rice mixture covering the sheets of sushi to make sure the rice is not to sticky have a bowl of water for you to sprinkle some water onto the sushi rice mixture and pat it down so it covers the whole sushi sheet up. Add in your ingredients in the centre. Drizzle with some mayonaise and here comes the tricky part roll the front edge of sushi so it covers the ingredients and continue to roll it to gether into rolls of sushi.

4. Now it’s time to slice the sushi rolls into round pieces of sushi make sure you have a really sharp knife and constantly wet your knife with some water so the rice doesn’t stick to the knife and serve with wasabi – Japanese horse raddish and soya sauce and if you love ginger make sure you have some pickled pink ginger and you’re laughing 🙂




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