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Published February 22, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello Everyone, hope this post finds everyone well and had a nice weekend. Well, I had a packed weekend…hence I haven’t been able to post anything. Saturday, we had a busy bee at Church and I had a bit of a problem trying to direct the driver on Friday to deliver the bin. Ok, I’m going to whinge a little. I managed to booked a big bin to be dropped off to our church on Friday anytime and it was all sweet, except Friday afternoon the driver rang me and said he couldn’t find the street – he was literally panicking and saying that he will refund my money got a packed schedule and needed to go. Firstly, I calmed him down over the phone and asked him where exactly he is parked. He gave me a street name and I had to look it up on google maps. Now I’m not very good with direction, but I could read the map and direct him. So I said I’ll have a look and call him back. Afterwards, I rang him and told him exactly where he needed to go – he was still panicking insisted on saying he couldn’t find any church around the street. My patience was running out and I decided it was time to call the office to see whether they can direct this mad driver who claims he has a GPS – how can you get lost with a GPS??? The office reception couldn’t get hold of the driver, so there I was getting quite annoyed and said to the reception people that the bin needs to be delivered on Friday because we have clean up on Saturday organised and I wouldn’t be happy with getting my refund money back!! So the reception people and myself couldn’t get hold of the driver and I just had to pray to God to calm me down and help this Mad Driver found the place. Anyways, it was a happy ending when he was circling the street, a brother happen to go pass the church and saw this stranger roaming around and told him where he needs to drop the bin. Thank God otherwise this mad driver would have left and there will be an angry me tracking this driver down and give him a WHAT FOR!!!

So other than the bin drama, we got to the church on time and was able to clear the massive branches and leaves and chuck them into the big bin – though I was angry with something else, I think at that point I was too tired to care. So it worked out well, now as Pandabear and I are going on our holidays soon so we had to drive his car – long story short his car is on some sort of lease and we need to drive enough kms as a requirement. So after the clean up we drove down to Busselton – I know we are MAD!! We got home at night and was exhausted. Sunday morning we were so tired that we nearly couldn’t wait up for church. Our bodies were aching and it was not a good sign. We managed to pull ourselves together and went to church and afterwards too a long long nap and since Saturday I didn’t have much time to caught up with mum (our usual grocery meeting up time) so I said to her I will visit her on Sunday night for dinner and I’ll cook. Anyways, had dumplings and Korean black bean noodles – I’ve learnt how to make the Korean black bean noodles and it’s delicious. Sorry no photos cos we were too hungry and tired to care to take photos. But I loved the combination of dumplings and Korean black bean noodles. So I was all happy again and now I’m here at work…

Hope everyone’s weekend is less angry than mine, sometimes I think maybe I need to go for some anger management class hahaha…


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