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Published February 18, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy Friends, I’m so glad that I’m at home now it was a struggle to get to work after only getting few hours of sleep last night. Pandabear came home around 1.30am and accidentally called me on my mobile to let me know he’s coming home – but he forgot it was already 1.30am!! So I got woken up and then tried to go back to sleep again, then his mobile phone rang cos he was on call last night and had to go back to the hospital again 😦 Poor Pandabear, as for me after been woken up twice – I couldn’t get back to sleep and I rolled and tumble around the bed and eventually fell asleep around 5.30am and then I had to get up to go to work 😦 Tonight hopefully I will sleep like a log to catch up on my beauty sleep.

Anyways, a friend of mine said she read my blog today and realised my writing is so long and suggested that I put pictures between each paragraph to make it easier to read. Sorry about my waffling, I do have the tendency to go on and on. But cos tonight I’m especially tired I shall keep my post short! I will try my best to shorten my writing or at least put them into paragraphs.


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