Restaurant Review – Benihana Japanese Steakhouse

Published February 17, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening Bloggy Friends, hope you’ve had a great day so far. I love Wednesdays… why? cos it’s hump day. 1/2 way through the week and its all down hill from then. So last night I had a bit of upset drill with Pandabear not lending me his Mac Book Pro to bring to church for some power point slide show. Usually when I’m not happy with him, I give a cranky look and keep quiet and to make things worse I also broke one of our colourful bowls from bad stacking. I’m not very good when it comes to stacking things, I usually just pile them on top of each other and hope for the best. So there I was lying on bed watching TV looking miserable plus it was also ‘the time of the month’ Pandabear came in and grabbed little dave – the little soft toy dog that I got from valentines day and said ‘Hey why are you angry Maryann??’ I laughed and started telling little Dave why I was angry with Pandabear. I know this is very bizzare to some people but my soft toys they do talk – just weird how little Dave’s voice = Pandabear’s childish voice. But I got over it and Pandabear offered to buy me my own Mac book pro plus a possible video cam. So now it’s back to normal again. 🙂

Okies, this particular restaurant is in Gold Coast and it’s a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant – well they call them selves steak house but it’s more like teppanyaki house. My first impression was it’s definitely a fine dining restaurant cos the decor is rather high class, nicely furnished – the waitress were all well trained. So we booked the restaurant in advance and ended up sharing a huge table with amongst other customers. That’s was fine with us, as the teppanyaki table was huge anyways – it would be waste of space if it’s just 2 of us. So we both ordered seafood mix and waigu beef and it comes with salad and rice. The chef was so cool, he did lots of tricks on the those hot plates. Example layering lots of onion rings and pour in some oil and light up so it looks like an exploding volcano – it was really entertaining. He then perform some other tricks where he would chopped up food with his sharp cooking spatulas and flick it into the customer’s mouths. So you had to open your mouth wide and make sure you catch the food into your mouth. Both Pandabear and I wasn’t too keen with this idea so we watched as he cleverly flicked food into other brave customers mouth. That was awesome 🙂 Our chef did such an entertaining job cooking our food that most of us tipped him!

After we had a great teppanyaki mains, it was time for dessert – and we were so full so we decided to share a deep fried battered bananas with caramel dipping sauce. It was delicious 🙂 we were stoked! Here’s my rating:

Dining Experience: 4.5 star
Food Experience: 4.5 star
Would I recommend: Definitely a YES!



Deep fried bananas with caramel

Deep fried bananas with caramel


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