Food at Gold Coast – Movie World

Published February 17, 2010 by Mary Jane

Hello again…well, since we’re still on the topic of Gold Coast – the next theme park we went was Movie World. Now I was determined to go on some Adult rides and pulled Pandabear with me and forced him to ride the pirate boat with me that swings from side to side – high speed and he was screaming the whole time, I was pretty embarrassed and thought no more Adult ride for you Pandabear. So I came across this awesome water raft that zooms down a waterfall, except most of the time you get wet from the splashing of water. So I bought myself a poncho to make sure I don’t get wet, but it didn’t help cos I still got wet 🙂 but it was pretty fun. Then we went for Shrek in 4D that was awesome the cartoon was great and the whole experience was really cool cos literally when the donkey runs you can literally feel the chair moving as if though you are really riding the donkey and when the donkey spits there were some little drizzle of wet water that makes it really real. I would highly recommend going to Shrek 4D if you are in Movie world. While we were queuing up for the show, I came across this shop that sold the Gingerbread man in Shrek and it was all stuck to the door so I bought myself one 🙂

Our next stop was off to Looney gardens – kind of suitable for kiddies like Pandabear, it has kids friendly rides..then it was lunch time and we stopped over this tiny restaurant cafe that sells it’s famous round bread with fillings inside – we decided to go with the healthier option Caesar Salad and when it came it looked great, but it was so dry that we found the meal wasn’t that great, fortunately it came with the wedges so it made up for it. Next time we would have ordered the curry one more saucy 🙂 Then it was time for some daring Adult ride, I signed myself for this batswing ride which literally zoom up few 100 stories and slowly topple down. I was so nervous the whole time I was queuing and finally when it was my turn they buckled me up and the guy who sat next to me said ‘wow this is pretty scary’ and I said ‘Yup it sure is cos I’m afraid of heights’ and he answered ‘oh dear, should you be on this ride?’ I said ‘too late now’ and the batswing ride zoomed off and it was so scary but eventually when I arrived at the top it hovered quite a bit and I was able to see the entire theme park’s awesome view plus the beach view – what a great experience – I totally forgot about the fear of height. After the ride I felt very proud of myself for such a height accomplishment!

Then we went for a police stunt show – which was hilarious and very entertaining. We also went for some bumper car ride – Pandabear was ok with this one and I was feeling rather daring and brave and decided to hop on the scooby doo dog haunted house ride – now it was a undercover roller coaster ride which was pretty scary cos it’s so dark you don’t know when it’s going to speed up and speed down. But I really enjoyed it 🙂 Later on, we got home and decided for dinner we shall dine at our hotel restaurant it’s a 5 star so the restaurant should be a 5 star too. I shall do a restaurant review too and on top of it while we were in movie world we got a free $100 food voucher in a cafe restaurant but there was a catch – Accor vacation club which we spent $$$ to join, but it was well worth it 🙂

Bats wing ride

Bats wing ride


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