Valentine’s Surprise

Published February 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Evening People, I’m in a great mood tonight cos Pandabear took me to shopping after work for early valentine’s pressie πŸ™‚ Yay!! Why I’m stoked cos Pandabear doesn’t believe in valentines day, he thinks it’s a day to con peoples money and it’s really commercialised. “You don’t need to set a date to tell someone that you love them, you should love them everyday” – He would always say. But I think it’s nice occasionally to get flowers, chocolates and soft toys – I think all girls would like that. So I think for valentines day, I usually don’t get anything. But this year, not sure what happened to Pandabear – he suggested after work today he’ll come and pick me up and we shall go off to the city for some valentine’s pressie shopping. I was really surprised and even though I wasn’t feeling the best today – my sore throat had come back again and I feel very tired 😦 No I’m not pregnant, these days people keep telling me I’m pregnant just because I’ve gained a lot of weight!! Grrr..

Anyways, so off we go to Myers and Pandabear got this voucher to spend – perhaps that’s why he’s taking me out to Valentine pressie shopping but it didn’t matter it’s the thought that counts. So I looked around for some jeweleries now honestly another secret about me I have to share I not only have fish memory but I lose my stuff all the time, even the nice pair of espirit earrings Pandabear bought for me – I can’t find it!! So usually I wouldnt buy really expensive jeweleries cos chances are I would lose them 😦 so I looked around and Pandabear found a nice pair of love heart earrings made me feel bad cos I lost his espirit ones but it’s a nice replacement. There’s something about love heart, Pandabear found another set of nice necklace that have a love heart. I was like aint you all love heart out so many love hearts. He was like ‘but it’s nice!!!” Anyways, I had a look at the necklace – it said nickel free (what ever that means) so I went and ask for some help to clarify what the nickel free means? and I thought I come across a lady then it kinda look like a guy with blond hair his back was to me and Pandabear was like ‘it’s a lady!!” and I was like it looks like a dude. Guess what it was a dude! I was right and he sounded like quite girly Anyways, the explanation was some people are allergic to nickel in some jeweleries so this particular necklace is nickel free. Oh! I’ve learnt something new today.

So I’ve got the nice pair of love heart earrings, a nickel free necklace that I’m holding and I found a nice little belt bangle that’s so cute and it fitted me perfectly – I have very small wrist most of the bangles were too big for me, and there was only one left. So Pandabear was feeling very generous today and said you can buy all 3 if you want, but I didn’t want to be greedy so I chose to have the earrings and the bangle. πŸ™‚ I was very happy. But then I realised all this time I’ve been eying for this toy dog in this cute gift shop – which I walk pass everyday after work and it’s so cute and so cheap!! I want that toy dog so I suggested if it’s ok we go to the shop to check out the toy dog – if it’s still there…cos there was only one that I saw at the window. Pandabear was like “you’ve got so many soft toys already, they just sit there collecting dust!!” and I would generally reply “no they’re not, I go and pat them and hug them from time to time” – you may think I’m crazy but I actually name ALL of my soft toys and usually with the person’s name who gave me that soft toy so I can remember who gave me that soft toy. It’s really childish I know but it’s me – soft toys are my other weakness, you can never be too old for soft toys. Pandabear must have felt pretty bad so he walked me to that shop that I was talking about and guess what?? We found the shop and there was the dog sitting there – however it looked a little squashed, must be lots of people looking at valentine’s pressie anyways, I happily took it to the counter and the girl was like ‘theres a few more of those in the corner with different designs” – she must have overheard me saying the doggie looked so squashed, it turned out there’s 3 different designs, a dog carrying a rose or a love heart and a huge love heart – all for the same prize – I picked the one with a huge love heart and I’m going to call it ‘Dave’ with a cute green scarf and if you look closer it has a pink belly button. I was over the moon, really thank God for a blessed valentine pressie day and to top it off I convinced Pandabear to buy some sushi while we’re there!! Yay!! Happy ending to a valentine’s day. πŸ™‚


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