Cafe Restaurant Review – Lindt Cafe

Published February 12, 2010 by Mary Jane

Okies, as I’ve mentioned earlier I had a great time in Sydney eating. So at night time our cousins took us to Lindt Cafe. I was really excited cos I love the Lindt Chocolates and to be able to go to the Lindt Cafe is a bonus for me 🙂 So when you walk into the Cafe there’s like chocolates everywhere with the display of desserts & cakes in the glass window case. You can even purchase the chocolates as well. Great for chocolate people. As I’ve mentioned I’m not a chocolate person, but I love things that has chocolate in them – like chocolate biscuits, chocolate yoghurt, chocolate cake and chocolate icecream but just not chocolate itself. Apart from Gullivan & Lindt Chocolates I’ll eat one or two of them. So we ofcourse ordered some chocolate related items for desserts. We had chocolate flavoured Waffles served with icecream, it even comes with a chocolate sauce and you can pour this onto the waffle and have as much chocolate sauce as you like. We also had some chocolate & Hazelnut cake which was divine, very smooth and delicious. I had ice chocolate for my drink and it’s kinda different to the ones I usually get in Perth. It’s got lots of cocoa or chocolate powders – it’s definitely very rich in chocolate, but it was yummy. As for the desserts they were fantastic. If you’re sitting outside you get to see these metal cranes with water sprinkling up and down very entertaining.

So here’s my rating for the Cafe:

Dining Experience: 4 star
Food Experience: 4 star
Would I recommend: YES

Crane with Sprinkler

Crane with Sprinkler

Hazel nut & chocolate cake

Hazel nut & chocolate cake

waffle n chocolate sauce with icecream

waffle n chocolate sauce with icecream

Rich Ice Chocolate

Rich Ice Chocolate


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